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Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

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Real Ultimate Power


Vigor: 42 / Magic: 36 Speed: 42 / Stamina: 36

HP: 24 / MP: 0   BatPwr: 24 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 30 / Blk%: 24 / M.Blk%: 24


Weapons: Ninja Daggers, Knives
Shield: -

Head: Light Helmets, Bandanas, Masks, Hats
Body: Medium Armor, Light Armor, Vests

SKILLS (Throw)

Ninja Stars - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, may target multiple foes
Knives - stronger physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense
Scrolls - Fire, bolt, or water damage (Magic) to all foes (split damage; more effective vs. a single foe)
Smoke Bomb - sets Image on a party member


Phantom - Vigor+1/Stamina+1  ---  12 MP: sets Vanish on party
Fenrir - Speed+2  ----------------------  24 MP:  sets Image on party



Regen Stamina
Rerise (???)

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Shadow and the term 'Glass Canon' are often synonymous in BNW.  However, when utilized properly, Shadow is much less 'Glass' while still very much being 'Canon'.  His evasion, both physical and magical is among the highest in the game.  His pdef/mdef are fairly low and he has virtually no elemental resistance equipment at his disposal. This means that he benefits largely from Shell and Safe as well as generally trying to pump out as much damage as possible each turn.  Surprisingly, he can play a very supportive role, thanks in large part to his high Stamina and Speed, as well as potent support spells.

Base Stats

  • Vigor – 42
  • Speed - 48
  • Magic - 36
  • Stamina - 36



  • Phantom - Vgr +1/Stam +1
  • Fenrir - Speed +2

Spells from Espers

  • P: Float, Dispel, Haste
  • F: Bserk, Regen, HasteX

Character Analysis


Spells - See Throw.

Weapons - Shadow has a very unique set of weapons available to him.  He can use all normal Daggers, letting him exploit Holy and Human weaknesses.  He also gets access to Katanas, some of which have counters, instakill abilities or wind-based magical procs (Aero and Wind Slash).  Finally, he gets exclusive rights to Ninja Knives, bringing his physical attacks into the top tier.


Shadow has a small selection of spells, but they're all extremely useful.  He's one of two users of Dispel, a very effective Haste and Float caster, and a surprisingly potent single target healer with Regen.


Shadow's ability to inflict status comes in the form of Net (see below) and Bserk.  The latter is also a buff to his (and others) physical abilities.  Handy!


This dog is no joke.  He adds a second evasion check and when he counters, he uses Shadow's stamina in his damage calculation.  He can't hit floating enemies though.

Notable Equipment:

- Ninja Mask

Headgear that grants Shadow counterattack. An amazing physical option, as it frees this up from a relic slot.

- Rogue Cloak

Fight Always Hits, 25% Magic Damage. This bonuses everything Shadow does magically, and when paired with Ninja Mask, makes an effective Black Belt. It makes his scrolls and Regen spell very strong.

- Kagenui

Grants X-fight.  The damage penalty does not apply to spell procs, so have fun.  This also procs Net, aka Slow + Stop.

- Orochi

Arguably his most damaging weapon, especially vs floating enemies.


Hidden stuff.  Move along to avoid spoilers.



- Memento Ring

This relic teaches Shadow Rerise - obviously a very important support spell.  Find it!




- All offensively thrown items ignore row and defense.

- Smoke Bombs - These set Image on a single target.  Useful for avoiding physical damage.

- Scrolls - Powerful Magic based elemental attacks of the Water, Bolt, or Fire variety.

- Stars - Powerful Vigor based physical attacks.  Can be split or single target.

- Knives / Swords / Katanas - Single target physical damage.  These also retain any elemental or weakness hitting properties.


Dual Wield and Two-Handed:

Shadow can dual wield all of his knives and daggers, or he can pair one with a Katana, allowing for some very interesting combinations.  He gains the two-handed modifier just like Cyan, but this is generally a less useful option as Shadow really wants the stats/evasion from his offhand weapon and the damage isn't better than his dual wield options.




Primary: Phantom

Secondary: Fenrir

This build's predominant role is that of a physical attacker.  Either via throwing from the back row, or attacking physically with weapons on the front.  The emphasis should certainly be on physical attacks so the EL aren't wasted, but Scrolls are still plenty viable.  A secondary, but still very effective role for this build, is that of support.  Putting Shadow in the back row loaded with Stamina means he will mitigate most magical attacks and at least survive physicals, especially with Safe and Shell in play.  He can then deal out support spells and spot Regen heals as needed while still having Throw as a source of damage.


Primary: Fenrir

The pure speed build is unrivaled in elemental damage output and very effective at playing a supportive role.  While certainly his most fragile build, Shadow's extra turns will offset many of the downsides.  This build favors a magic equipment loadout and tossing scrolls or even breaking rods.  While damage per hit will be lower than a pure magic caster, the sheer volume of actions Shadow gets will make up the difference.

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Shadow the Hedgehog

The Ninja, The Assassin, The Horrible Father, Mr. "I'm Emotionless But Not Really". I wonder if he's trying to be cool and edgy.


  • Incredible damage output, with options for neutral or weakness sniping
  • Incredible party support, except for healing
  • Very high speed
  • Very good AoE
  • Great Elemental Control
  • Unique counterattack helmet (Ninja Mask)
  • Unique magical relics (Rogue Cloak, Memento Ring)
  • Decent access to ST healing (Regen, Rerise, Healing Shiv, high speed for Item)
  • Great all-around base stats


  • Frail; No HP espers, cannot equip shield, no heavy or mage armor
  • No personal AoE heal, unlike all other characters
  • Very limited debuffs
  • No MP espers, only basic access to MP+ equipment

Shadow is defined by his extreme nature. Extremely powerful glass cannon with arguably the best support skill set in the game. However, this is counterbalanced by extreme frailty. Curiously, he's also the only character without access to AoE heals, though his raw speed combined with Potion & Rerise make him arguably a better healer than some others.


With only two espers, the line between builds is fuzzy. There's definitely a difference between a pure build of one esper vs. a pure build of another esper. However, hybridization is also a very real thing.


Vig/Stam Shadow. The main boast of this build is physical damage output, Shadow's main source of single-target damage. Throwing Ninjatos or Ninja Stars with this build is the game's best neutral source of single-target damage (iow, ignoring weaknesses or hitting low p.def), and this build gives high numbers per throwable. The stamina also boosts his counterattack rate, which pairs well with Ninja Mask & Kagenui, so keep this guy in the front row. It's not like he'd tank a hit anyways.

Still quite speedy thanks to Shadow's equipment. Some people also like his ST healing with Regen with this build.


Speed, speed, and moar speed! Incredible party support & Ninja Scroll thrower, both which depend only on gear & speed. The magical damage is incredible, and physical damage is still quite good. All that speed means he goes first in combat, making him an excellent random clearer with scrolls. The raw speed also allows for Item spam, making this build the game's best Item user. MP might be an issue if you over-spam Rerise, so be cautious.

The physical dps is honestly probably equal to the other build thanks to all the speed, so don't be afraid to Throw stuff. The other build is better for this because of other reasons. (GP spent per Throwable, triggering more enemy counters, weaker counterattacks, lower counterattack rate).

If you ain't using physicals, you can equip the Lazy Shell with near impunity, greatly helping Shadow's defenses. Still not incredible, but much better than what Shadow normally gets. The Mirage Vest is an option for more speed & even some mg.eva, though it's probably overkill, & Shadow's got HasteX for boss fights anyways. (Also, how useful mg.eva is is arguable anyways).


The hybrid build.


  • Don't forget to buy equipment & stock up on Throwables before the Floating Continent (Jidoor).
  • The Mutsunokami is another good source of AoE magical damage. Obviously, pair with Kagenui & Rogue Cloak.
  • If played well, Shadow isn't too terribly expensive. Smoke Bombs are dirt cheap, Ninja Scrolls are also pretty cheap, and he's got plenty of damage options besides Ninjato. Save Ninjatos & Ninja Stars for Kefka's Tower or other times when you can't snipe a weakness.
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