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Strago Magus: Get Off My Lawn!

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Strago Magus
Get Off My Lawn!


Vigor: 24 / Magic: 48 Speed: 24 / Stamina: 42

HP: 18 / MP: 60   BatPwr: 16 / Def: 24 / M.Def: 36 / Evade: 6 / M.Evade: 18


Weapons: Rods

Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards
Head: Crowns, Hats
Body: Hides, Robes, Vests


Aqualung (18 MP) - water damage to all foes (Magic)
Bad Breath (16 MP) - sets Poison/Blind/Mute on a group of foes
Black Omen (72 MP) - massive defense-ignoring damage to all foes (Magic)
Blaze (12 MP) - fire damage (Magic); sets Sap/Blind, can target multiple foes
Blow Fish (0 MP) - 1,000 damage
Discord (5 MP) - sets Muddle/Bserk on one foe
Holy Wind (30 MP) - restores HP to party by an amount equal to Strago's current HP
Raid (15 MP) - absorbs HP/MP from foe (Magic); ignores defense
Raze (36 MP) - heavy fire damage (Magic); may set Sap/Poison
Refract (25 MP) - sets Image/Rflect on an ally
Shield (48 MP) - sets Safe on party
Tsunami (64 MP) - heavy water damage to all foes (Magic)

X-Magic (replaces Magic) - cast two spells instead of one


Shiva - Magic+2  ------------------------  32 MP: ice damage (Magic) on all foes
Carbunkl - MP+25/Stamina+1  ---  24 MP: sets Rflect on party
Zoneseek - MP+20/Magic+1  ----  48 MP: sets Shell on party
Odin - Stamina+2  ------------------  99 MP: massive non-elemental damage (Stamina) to all foes; ignores defense


Ice Magic
Ice 2 Magic
Dark Magic

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Wise Old Man (maybe), Killer of Endangered Species (Hidon), The Man Whose Last Name is Magus (wonder if he hates frogs).


  • Incredible party support; All Buffs except Haste & Golem
  • Solid elemental control, decent neutral damage
  • Very good AoE damage
  • Lots of speed gear, Unique Hide gear
  • Has Raid & Osmose for MP healing
  • Tertiary healer
  • Solid status control (strong trio of Bad Breath, Discord, and Raze)
  • X-Zone


  • No HP espers, no heavy armor, low p.def
  • Neutral damage is only decent (mid-WoR Raze is nice, at least); X-Magic is mediocre for neutral damage (Dark is buffed in 2.0)
  • Most offensive options are MP hungry
  • Very low base speed; good gear set-ups are limited to lots of speed
  • Holy Wind doesn't work after big attacks
  • Mediocre / so-so in the WoB

Strago makes for an excellent party support with fairly good magical damage options to boot. He can even have some surprising bulk with the right combo of elemental resistance, HP+ gear (Black Heart), and Refract/Shield. Just make sure you equip him with as much speed gear as you can get.


Blue Mage

Lots of magic, with however much MP you feel is needed. Despite the high magic, this build is not a primary attacker. Strago's attacks don't have the base power for that, unless you're weakness sniping. Rather, the raw magic gives him strong attacks to fall back on when he's not doing his main job of supporting the party, or for just clearing randoms. Equip lots of speed gear, support the party, blow up stuff, and hope you don't eat a physical.

An alternative attacking option to Lore is to go front-row with Rods. Thunder Rod provides Strago with another element & the Punisher is just as good as Black Omen or X-Dark, barring specific circumstances (AoE, White Dragon, Asura). Rods also pair with Black Belt, a beautiful +7 speed relic that gives powerful counterattacks, and they're nowhere near as MP hungry as Lore. Just don't do this without at least a Guard Ring equipped, if not also a Red Cap & Refract support.


Lots of stamina, with however much MP you feel is needed. An extremely latebloomer and highly niche, as this build relies solely on stamina's rather minor (regen is much stronger in 2.0 - Strago will also get an auto-Regen esper option) defensive benefits. Has some utility in big endgame boss fights with AoE magic nukes & status effects flying around. By and large, however, this build's benefits can be imitated thru a Blue Mage with proper gear set-ups (Ribbon, Amulet, Black Heart w/ elemental gear), and that build has better damage on the off-turns when Strago ain't supporting.

You could use this build for a 100% counterattack Punisher Strago (provided you hit 96 stamina). (New stamina-based weapon) Equip Black Belt, throw up Refract, attack & counterattack with a stick. Damage is less than Blue Mage, but perhaps the counterattacks make up for it? Just don't try to Cover the party with the old man. Image doesn't work with Cover.


  • Black Heart combined with the proper shield & hide can make Strago quite bulky. Just be aware that Holy Wind won't self-heal a Black Heart Strago.
  • Don't discount Refract because it sets Reflect. Image is a very powerful buff. (Maybe worth mentioning Reflect's changed behavior and that Holy Wind goes through Reflect)
  • The Dark Hood is a very viable alternate to the Circlet or Red Cap.
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So, does anyone prefer Stam Strago? The way thzfunnymzn describes it, it appears strictly inferior to Mag Strago. He gets bigger regen ticks, fewer status hits, and more counter attacks if you decide to do that. But does regen actually help him? Isn't he going to fall over in one or two hits anyway? And shouldn't someone else be doing physical damage?

Also, if you aren't using Strago for big numbers of magic damage, isn't Gogo a possibly better Lore user? He can be geared up to be faster than Strago, which is important for these support Lores. He'd need MP support for sure, but he could Mana Battery himself, or have Osmose if Relm is in your party.

So I guess that's two questions: 1. Is Mag > Stam for Strago? and 2. Is Gogo > Strago if you are focusing on support?

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...Someone else other than me ought to respond.

1: My firm opinion is that mag Strago is strictly better than stam Strago. Even after playing stam Strago, the benefits I saw were simply rather minute. They were there, yes, but it felt more like "Eh, I'm not having Strago attack, guess I might as well give him stamina," rather than "Wow, I really want to give Strago stamina."

2: Strago can obtain almost as much speed as Gogo with correct gear. He's also got a lot more MP; it's nice to not have to Battery/Osmose every few turns. Strago's also got better attack power for any off turns that he's not supporting. Otoh, Gogo can get more support than just Lore (Tools, Throw, Magic, etc).

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It's true- the number of turns eaten by Battery/Osmose kind of cancels out the speed benefit. Is Gogo any better at taking a hit than Strago?

It seems like it would be easy to give Stam/Hybrid Strago some ground by just changing some of the Lores to depend on Stamina. Since they are unique to Strago, it doesn't seem like it would have any ripple effect across the overall balance of the characters.

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Only Lore I can think of where it would make sense would be Holy Wind. Change Holy Wind's formula such that, instead of healing purely based off HP, there's a baseline healing that depends on Strago's stamina. That way, at least stam Strago can boast better healing. (I'd still push for my old HP+15 / Stam+1 idea for Odin, for a myriad of reasons, including Holy Wind. Still, stam baseline on Holy Wind is at least a step in the right direction for stam Strago)

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I agree Stam Strago seems niche and not nearly as useful as the Mag Version. I'm not sure that the major reduction in damage output and osmose absorb potential is worth status and magic resistance. It'd be better if more of his kit besides just Odin synergized with Stamina

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You put it quite well when you said that stamina's synergy with mg.def & regen ticks simply doesn't work without actual HP backing it (not even for strengthening Holy Wind, in my experience). I'd also add that stamina's improved odds to status evade works best with HP as well. After all, if you're building a tank, you want to survive both direct offense (HP) and indirect offense (status). HP also allows one to safely use the increased Cover chances that stamina affords.

I'm certainly not asking for Odin to become an HP/Stam esper, no sirree, not at all, not me. >_>

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Updated for 2.0

Strago's abilities see quite a few changes here, most notably a hard focus on X-Dark (which is now stronger and more expensive) as his best single-target damage while Raze loses its "poison" element along with a little bit of its power to make it a more of a general-purpose attack (that's now slightly weaker than Dark) until Dark is obtained. Refract is more expensive - and rightfully so - due in part to Reflect's changed behavior, but mostly just because it was undervalued before due to how useful the Image status can be. Blow Fish, finally, no longer has an MP cost: a major boon to you LLG freaks out there, but otherwise unremarkable since its damage is insignificant in a normal game environment and the change was done primarily so that enemies who use it did not need MP (and Mute would not prevent it). On the spell side of things, Strago loses Sleep (not that he needed the extra status coverage) and gets Warp back... for what good that will do him.

Strago also gets the only EL change in 2.0: an increase in the MP offered by Zoneseek, which previously was of little interest to him since Carbunkl offered more. This increase draws a much clearer line in the sand for Strago's EL options: Shiva/Zoneseek for a magic build and Carbunkl/Odin for a stamina one. And speaking of Stamina Strago... the old man loses his ill-advised ability to equip maces in 2.0, but in return gains access to a new weapon that looks like a rod but is basically a 1-handed Mutsunokami. As the random wind damage from such weapons is now stamina-based, this at last gives Stamina Strago an actual offensive option aside from Odin. Even MORE importantly, the updated Regen formula now favors stamina over maximum HP, thus resulting in a massive buff for "Viagra" Strago's... *ahem* longevity.

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One part of Strago's kit that I think is underrated is the Shield spell. 


Buffing the entire team with Safe/Shell/Haste/Regen is not a requirement, but it makes later battles SO much easier. And with the exception of Zoneseek, this spell is the only method to cast safe on every party member. So having Strago on a team gives them access to 4 turns of buffs (or 4 relic spots) for the price of one.

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