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  1. Oh, hey, it's Kyozo. Have you finished Tides of Faith yet?
  2. Good thing NG+ and ID are located on squares of the same colour.
  3. Woah, Nakar has an image now.
  4. OK, now I see it. I thought those were part of the same link, but apparently not.
  5. When I am on the Unread Content page, and I hover over the thread title, it says "Go to first unread post" in the tooltip (which makes sense). However, when I click on it I am taken to the OP in the thread. If I click on the date/time when the reply was posted (for example, "Wednesday at 06:36 PM"), it will take me to the first unread post (or maybe the latest reply, I'm not sure), so there's a workaround anyways.
  6. Of course not. Emmy is the poo emoticon. She decided to get a picture with some random woman.
  7. Glad to see you around here, FF6 guy!
  8. Hey guys, Bahamut is my favourite Esper. Do you mind if we allow him to be equipped on everybody now? We can rebalance Flare a bit to make it a bit weaker. Then we just need to weaken Holy to maintain their duality, buff Magic Celes to account for this weakness, weaken Cure 2 because now it's OP on Magic Celes, lower the HP of undead enemies to make sure Cure 2 is still effective coming from the other characters, make Sabin's Fire Dance weaker to avoid him destroying Cave of the Sealed Gate, give Sabin more offensive magic to give him a magical option against enemies that Fire Dance doesn't hit weaknesses on, and... ... take all of Shadow's Espers away to make sure buffing Throw isn't too OP, and ... make a new Relic for Strago that turns his Ice spells into Fire Spells because we removed Raze, and ... and finally, give the Zantetsuken an extra 10 Evade to make everything perfect.
  9. Woah, where's the 300 pages of discussion about the stat bonuses on the Zantetsuken?
  10. I need something to eat my popcorn with now that I made it. Can you two have an argument about whether FFT 1.3 is better than BNW?
  11. Nice work with this site! It looks slick and unique, and incorporates all the features from ID that I would be sad to see missing.
  12. Where on earth are the tacos I was promised?
  13. High five Mishrak!