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  1. AI Tournament Teambuilder is up There are a couple minor errors in the data companion (mythril sword has +2 MA, not parrying sword; elf mantle is 24/24). The teambuilder is correct if there is a conflict between the two. The teambuilder will allow you to save a .yml file to send to me as your team entry, or you can wait until it has the "output save data" button and send that to me instead. As of this moment, team colors are not yet implemented, so you'll have to include your first choice and your second choice in your entry DM (The colors are 1-8: Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Black) as well as a team name. These will probably be integrated into the team builder over the next few days, so you can wait or not, as you prefer. We already have 8 entries to the event, so there's definitely interest there.
  2. January 2023 FFT AI Tournament

    I have not yet named my custom Arena mod, but I have edited most of the equipment and a whole lot of skills/spells and statlines to come up with a new tournament meta. This is something of a beta, as I have had all of a week to make these changes after the last tournament ended and this announcement, but it is intended to be a monthly event (with edits every month to make the meta more balanced) for the foreseeable future. Interested? Download the data companion for all of the gear/skill/stat numbers here: Teams have a limit of 18000 JP this time, including costs to unlock each class. Brave and Faith are between 40 and 70, with team maximum brave being 240 and team minimum faith being 220. No RSM or activated ability may be chosen for more than one character, although job innates do not contribute to this limitation. There are no gear restrictions. The teambuilder is not yet complete, but should be in a couple of days. Another news post will be made with the link when it is ready to go ( has the teambuilder for last month's event if you want to get used to the interface). Team submissions are due January 15 11:59 EST. The first stream will be the following day. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or join the discord and look in the #final-fantasy-tactics channel for pins and more information.
  3. 2022 FFT 1.3 AI Tournament

    It's been more than 7 years since we've run an AI tournament, I think it's about time I remedy this state of affairs. Over the last month, I've been familiarizing myself with the tools, the ROM, and with the asm behind the tournament ROM in general. I've already done some asm edits of my own on a separate ROM that I intend to use for the next tournament, coming up next year. For now, though, I intend to send off 1.3 with one last bang. At the bottom are links to a "data companion" that lists all of the stats and skills of every available job and item, as well as the signup sheet itself. The sheet works in LibreOffice and Excel, but has a few errors in OpenOffice (it does not manage your skills. You can list the ones you want in the available space and I'll translate it, but it won't calculate your JP correctly). All units are being generated at level 35 and you have a JP limit of 24,000 points for your entire team (including unlocking jobs to buy the RSM/abilities you equip). Monsters cost a flat 4000 JP. Brave and Faith must be between 40 and 70(inclusive) on each unit, and total Brave cannot exceed 240. Total Faith cannot be lower than 220. There is a "geomancy discount" for the Elemental skillset; it costs 600 to get all skills (basically, the one that costs 400 is made to cost 50). If an item is not listed on the data companion, it will not be available for Throw or Draw Out. No ability may be used on more than one unit on your team (with the exception of innate abilities. They do not count towards your limits). Include a team name with your sign up, as well as the main and alternate color palette you wish to display (The colors are 1-8: Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Black. Player 1 always gets their main color. Player 2 gets their alternate if player 1 took their main). Signups are due in by the end of the week (11:59 PM EST Sunday), and matches will begin streaming Monday evening. There are a couple of errors in the spreadsheet (being a tool I inherited rather than built), so as a warning ahead of time: it pulls move+3 from Bard regardless of if you are male or female. If you want a female generic to have move+3 (or any other ability bard and dancer share), I'll have to calculate it manually to make sure you don't go over the limit. DM me your signup sheet and I'll message you back on its legality and acceptance. The event is being run as a double elimination tournament, with brackets put up at the start. Best of luck to you all!
  4. Your main problem is that you're trying to cover all 9 elements. That is not required at all (as that would be really bad design, forcing constraints that tight on your party). Purge is a triggered attack that occurs when you use a nonelemental attack of any sort after certain conditions have been met (NONE of those conditions involve using a certain number of elements). If your nonelemental does not cause purge, you'll have to use a new nonelemental or purge will never occur. Once the conditions are met, a nonelemental will force Kaiser's next turn to be purge. If the conditions are not met, it will not accomplish that, and once that turn passes, Kaiser will forget it was hit with a nonelemental at all. This is probably something you were having trouble with. The problem that the most people have is that they try to flood Kaiser with elements too quickly. Slow it down and observe how Kaiser reacts to certain elements over longer periods of time and you will probably be closer to solving the fight.
  5. Comprehensive lore list?

    One of the Hidonites casts Shield after the first time they are revived. If you kill it before its turn comes, it doesn't end up casting Shield and you miss it. It was moved to a slightly more durable Hidonite for 2.1, and I think maybe even that one was made untargettable so that you can't kill it before it casts Shield after the revival. That might be 2.1.1 though? I'm not really sure when each of these were put in, and if they were in the official branch and not a fork.
  6. My little dream...

    Almost every mod out there started as a dream. There's a lot of hackers hanging around in the discord to bounce questions off of as you learn, if that's something you're interested in doing. BTB has moved on to other projects, so BNW is more or less considered "stable" at this point. That manner of change is outside of the scope of what BNW set out to do in the first place, which, as you noted, is balancing what existed into what the game could have been. But that's not to say that you can't start a mod with BNW as a base. There's already at least one mod (NHT) that does just that.
  7. I personally think that the dualcast life/cure 2 makes Locke the best healer. Relm heals harder but has to stop for osmose because she can't downrank her spells. Setzer is slow and doesn't have a reactive life spell, only rerise. Locke is an emergency healer that is at his best with a team that needs more attention that will have people dying sometimes (Shadow comes to mind). As a teammate with a beefy team like Cyan/Terra/Celes, he's not going to be showing off his best sides, whereas with a squishier group of teammates, he's the only reason you're not getting game overs. Myria is definitely harder than the other 2, but I think this is the first time I saw the suggestion as "buff the other two" and not "nerf myria". Though I think I agree. Kefka casts meteor as a counter under certain specific circumstances and also casts it when transitioning from phase 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, so it is only possible for him to double meteor twice over the entire battle since it requires you to get a meteor counter with the attack that pushes him to the next phase, which causes his next turn-attack to be meteor. It's avoidable, but most people don't know how to. Fallen One is in his script, but only during phase 4, so you probably just burned him down quickly enough to not see it come up. As to the Kaiser script, hop on the discord if you want to discuss the specifics of that. We try to avoid spoiling major things like that in places where google can find it.
  8. General Leo

    I really hope nobody believes you.
  9. Warring Triad

    What teams do you have in place for each one? That'll inform the answers. Also, how each team member is built is relevant information. (character levels as well) EDIT: Also, this might be faster if you hop onto the discord. There's always a bunch of people around to help out in real time there.
  10. Well, thanks for trying either way. Don't worry about it too much. If I had to guess, there's 2 versions of FFT out there, like a 1.0 and a 1.1 or there's a difference between PAL and US versions and we just have different ones. I was using a bin/cue whereas you were using an iso, and it appears there is a difference there in some way. It is still puzzling to me that your first patch worked cleanly without the sprite changes but after that it all went wrong. Oh well, it was an adventure either way. Don't let this stop you from sharing other stuff in the future!
  11. Yeah, Mednafen is free. RetroArch is a container that can run the core to emulate pretty much anything. RetroArch's PSX emulation is built on Mednafen's core, and is what I'm using. Mednafen is very stripped down. It doesn't even have a GUI, you either run it from the console or drag an iso/cue file onto the exe. The minimalism of it is why I went with RetroArch, due to wanting to have more customizability.
  12. From what I can see, communities tend to form around patches round here (join the Discord if you haven't already), so if you're looking to go deep on a mod, this is a great place to get feedback, support, and testing. My first glance at this is that it's a "let's do the cool thing" mod at it's heart (to be clear, not a complaint). I don't know how much attention was put into balancing everything yet as I'm not deep enough, but I'm also not certain if that's a goal of the mod or not or how deep you want to go with it (if any deeper than this so far). I do know that some of the people here (Hart from above and Ludovician immediately spring to mind) know about the game balance and design to an absurd amount of depth if you want to take a deeper dive on this. I guess what I'm asking is, what's your ultimate goal with modding, and this mod in particular? EDIT: Fresh patch is giving me "Bad sector? - 1093" when I pass the opening FMV. The previous patch worked cleanly without the spritework. Using RetroArch with Mednafen's core.
  13. I'm not sure how retroarch decides what the name of a game is, but it's showing up in my catalog as "Final Fantasy Tactics" instead of Dissidia013, which sucks since I have basic FFT in the same catalog. Dunno if that's an easy fix or not (how does the CD know the name of the game on it?). Regardless, gonna dive in now. EDIT: I appear to be having sprite issues. I thought it was just related to the intro battle (where I had Ramza, 2 gafgarion sprites for some odd reason, plus the usual agrias and apparently a malak), but going into the first battle I'm still not getting edited sprites at all. I have Wakka, Lulu, and Squall by name with the appropriate abilities and the game hasn't crashed, so it seems to have patched. The sprites it's using are Ramza's, Olan's, and ...I don't remember. She has a ponytail and a cape. The patch I used was the one in the previous post, not the one in the initial post.
  14. One of the main weaknesses (or so I think) of vanilla FFT is that enemy formations get almost no JP from which to select their abilities, which leads to enemy units having one or two abilities at most, which makes them kinda weak and repetitive compared to your squad. From what I understand, the way an enemy unit decides what skills it has access to is by taking its JP allocation and spending it among the different classes it has access to. The vanilla game gave very low JP totals, leading to the aforementioned problem. Playing FFT1.3 in the past, the game's AI engine takes to increased options surprisingly well and makes the game significantly more interesting. A pass through the ENTD is probably a pretty high ROI with respect to how much better the game feels to play and might be something you want to look into for future versions if you wanna expand on what you've already made. Either way, pretty excited to play with what's already done here. Always looking for another good FFT experience.