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  1. General Leo

    I really hope nobody believes you.
  2. Warring Triad

    What teams do you have in place for each one? That'll inform the answers. Also, how each team member is built is relevant information. (character levels as well) EDIT: Also, this might be faster if you hop onto the discord. There's always a bunch of people around to help out in real time there.
  3. Well, thanks for trying either way. Don't worry about it too much. If I had to guess, there's 2 versions of FFT out there, like a 1.0 and a 1.1 or there's a difference between PAL and US versions and we just have different ones. I was using a bin/cue whereas you were using an iso, and it appears there is a difference there in some way. It is still puzzling to me that your first patch worked cleanly without the sprite changes but after that it all went wrong. Oh well, it was an adventure either way. Don't let this stop you from sharing other stuff in the future!
  4. Yeah, Mednafen is free. RetroArch is a container that can run the core to emulate pretty much anything. RetroArch's PSX emulation is built on Mednafen's core, and is what I'm using. Mednafen is very stripped down. It doesn't even have a GUI, you either run it from the console or drag an iso/cue file onto the exe. The minimalism of it is why I went with RetroArch, due to wanting to have more customizability.
  5. From what I can see, communities tend to form around patches round here (join the Discord if you haven't already), so if you're looking to go deep on a mod, this is a great place to get feedback, support, and testing. My first glance at this is that it's a "let's do the cool thing" mod at it's heart (to be clear, not a complaint). I don't know how much attention was put into balancing everything yet as I'm not deep enough, but I'm also not certain if that's a goal of the mod or not or how deep you want to go with it (if any deeper than this so far). I do know that some of the people here (Hart from above and Ludovician immediately spring to mind) know about the game balance and design to an absurd amount of depth if you want to take a deeper dive on this. I guess what I'm asking is, what's your ultimate goal with modding, and this mod in particular? EDIT: Fresh patch is giving me "Bad sector? - 1093" when I pass the opening FMV. The previous patch worked cleanly without the spritework. Using RetroArch with Mednafen's core.
  6. I'm not sure how retroarch decides what the name of a game is, but it's showing up in my catalog as "Final Fantasy Tactics" instead of Dissidia013, which sucks since I have basic FFT in the same catalog. Dunno if that's an easy fix or not (how does the CD know the name of the game on it?). Regardless, gonna dive in now. EDIT: I appear to be having sprite issues. I thought it was just related to the intro battle (where I had Ramza, 2 gafgarion sprites for some odd reason, plus the usual agrias and apparently a malak), but going into the first battle I'm still not getting edited sprites at all. I have Wakka, Lulu, and Squall by name with the appropriate abilities and the game hasn't crashed, so it seems to have patched. The sprites it's using are Ramza's, Olan's, and ...I don't remember. She has a ponytail and a cape. The patch I used was the one in the previous post, not the one in the initial post.
  7. One of the main weaknesses (or so I think) of vanilla FFT is that enemy formations get almost no JP from which to select their abilities, which leads to enemy units having one or two abilities at most, which makes them kinda weak and repetitive compared to your squad. From what I understand, the way an enemy unit decides what skills it has access to is by taking its JP allocation and spending it among the different classes it has access to. The vanilla game gave very low JP totals, leading to the aforementioned problem. Playing FFT1.3 in the past, the game's AI engine takes to increased options surprisingly well and makes the game significantly more interesting. A pass through the ENTD is probably a pretty high ROI with respect to how much better the game feels to play and might be something you want to look into for future versions if you wanna expand on what you've already made. Either way, pretty excited to play with what's already done here. Always looking for another good FFT experience.