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    2022 FFT 1.3 AI Tournament


    It's been more than 7 years since we've run an AI tournament, I think it's about time I remedy this state of affairs. Over the last month, I've been familiarizing myself with the tools, the ROM, and with the asm behind the tournament ROM in general. I've already done some asm edits of my own on a separate ROM that I intend to use for the next tournament, coming up next year. For now, though, I intend to send off 1.3 with one last bang. At the bottom are links to a "data companion" that lists all of the stats and skills of every available job and item, as well as the signup sheet itself. The sheet works in LibreOffice and Excel, but has a few errors in OpenOffice (it does not manage your skills. You can list the ones you want in the available space and I'll translate it, but it won't calculate your JP correctly).

    All units are being generated at level 35 and you have a JP limit of 24,000 points for your entire team (including unlocking jobs to buy the RSM/abilities you equip). Monsters cost a flat 4000 JP. Brave and Faith must be between 40 and 70(inclusive) on each unit, and total Brave cannot exceed 240. Total Faith cannot be lower than 220. There is a "geomancy discount" for the Elemental skillset; it costs 600 to get all skills (basically, the one that costs 400 is made to cost 50). If an item is not listed on the data companion, it will not be available for Throw or Draw Out. No ability may be used on more than one unit on your team (with the exception of innate abilities. They do not count towards your limits). Include a team name with your sign up, as well as the main and alternate color palette you wish to display (The colors are 1-8: Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Black. Player 1 always gets their main color. Player 2 gets their alternate if player 1 took their main). 

    Signups are due in by the end of the week (11:59 PM EST Sunday), and matches will begin streaming Monday evening. There are a couple of errors in the spreadsheet (being a tool I inherited rather than built), so as a warning ahead of time: it pulls move+3 from Bard regardless of if you are male or female. If you want a female generic to have move+3 (or any other ability bard and dancer share), I'll have to calculate it manually to make sure you don't go over the limit. DM me your signup sheet and I'll message you back on its legality and acceptance. The event is being run as a double elimination tournament, with brackets put up at the start. Best of luck to you all!



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