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  1. Dragon's Den is the greatest dungeon of all time.
  2. The games only went a couple weeks. There wasn't much in the way of interest. That being said, if interest starts up again I'm more than into playing.
  3. So I want to set up weekly Tabletop games (via Tabletop Simulator) for NG+ folks. This post is to scope out availability and interest. The thought is that it'll be 3-5 hours of the game and that I would stream/record the gameplay (so that we eternally have record of the hi-jinks). The thought is that we'd have a list of games to play at every player count from 2-10 and we'd play a game based on how many people are available and show up. It'd be expected to know Tabletop Simulator some (e.g. "do the tutorial" level). It would not be expected to always show up, so don't be afraid of joining in even if it's irregular (it's not likely we'd play any multi-session games). Another requirement is making sure that you are in the NG+ discord and have a functioning mic. If you are interested in playing, please post your availability (in PDT/GMT-8 because I'm lazy for consistency) along with any games that you feel would be fun to play. Make sure you include the ideal number of players and make sure the game has a decent TTS 'port' already. I'm relatively open on availability. I should be able to play any consistent time from Tues-Thurs. I'd like to play Betrayal at House on the Hill (6 players) or Secret Hitler (10 players)
  4. Well really, you can rush to the finish with just a single party anyway. It's just risky.
  5. "See, just put your tentacles up because you were born this way kupo"
  6. You still can block the entrances with two characters. The change to two parties is because 7 party members isn't really enough to make 3 solid, reliable, and fun teams.
  7. Not directly. However, you can get a good amount of Lores from Gau's rages, which are listed in the printme.
  8. It almost sounds like it might be an interesting idea for an entire "community mod" to be worked on. Find a level editor that is relatively user friendly and assign people "level numbers" in that, then let them make a single level of a platformer. An organizer would them run through each level then organize them all into a game. (Lunar Magic comes to mind)
  9. The Water Rondo is indeed still miss-able.
  10. I'd say that it'd be better to just have the event that starts the battle (talking to Banon) also be a full heal. I'm only saying this under the assumption that a red save point would only heal Terra or the person selected.
  11. As the rest of your comments were explained. People have said that FF7 New Threat is about as close as you get to a "FF7 BNW" There was actually some discussion regarding WoR elemental blades very recently. Albeit through Zant instead. I just found it amusing that it was just mentioned here as well. While I agree with making Magic Bone a more 'known' item I think I prefer the bones being left as "1 magical, 1 physical" with maybe a WoB 'incremental' bone added in on top of those (e.g. +3 or +5 magic with moderate bpow)
  12. The only way to really do that is to gate the rages behind bosses in some way. Meaning that you'd have a lot of rages in KT. You can already have the spike in power in the WoR by going and getting the encounters then going back to the Veldt.
  13. I once proposed giving the peepers in WoR high sp just for being able to grind ELs without affecting level as much. Leap Anywhere would pretty much have to be accompanied by a balance pass. This was discussed moreso for the IMTRF rages, but WoR it also applies as well.
  14. That seems needlessly complex to have something that amounts to "always have defending bonus" I don't really have any other input... just that thought.
  15. The dino forest just is for XP
  16. Yo dawg, we heard you like speed patches...
  17. I love Gau. He is great fun to use and his Rages bring a lot of options to the table. However, players often find it easier to stick with a few core rages and just use them because... well... details for 64 Rages is a lot to remember. The printme has all the info the player needs to know everything about all the Rages but the info is spread across multiple tables and tabs.So I've decided to do something to remedy it. I've taken the information from the printme, along with some information regarding some locations of the formations, and put it all in one single table. In addition, I've included a column where you can mark the Rages as collected or not and also sorted the Rages by attainability. These can be used to narrow down selections to only those available or help with making sure you have the ones you want.I hope that players can use this to make Gau just a little bit more accessible by reducing the information barrier that the Rages have.Anyway... I like spreadsheets. Here it is. Enjoy and happy Raging Edit: Updated to 1.9.0
  18. EDIT: Shadowed It's not Zozo for Zoneseek and Golem. It's a different "crazy guy up north" Esper Level resets are available early WoR, but the price spikes up after the first respec (which resets your entire current party). That being said, you really don't need to min-max ELs and most characters perform quite well with multiple levels in their WoB espers. Pretty much the only one that doesn't benefit from her early espers is Stam Celes. There's a "Find Doom Gaze" option now with the WoR airship, so it'll autofly for you. (Also, Relm's great without Bahamut) Regarding putting printme info in different layouts, BTB has his layout set up so that the printme could actually be printed. You're free to reorganize the data and put it elsewhere (like I did with rages) but that's not likely to be included in future printmes. You are correct about the HP/MP growths. The characters with access to larger HP pools get their HP via ELs Any time you are in a submenu, ATB pauses. This includes Bushido. Regarding the "Just a different skill window" the same thing applies to Blitz. It's flavor basically. I don't know Jump's exact delay, but even with the delay it can (and will, with things like two-handing a spear and/or hitting a weakness) outdamage drill.
  19. For any of those still interested. Thursday went well. We had 4 total people show up (2 of which actually gamed) and we played Carcassone. I decided to not bother with recording and such because meh. I plan on continuing this current day and time for weekly games with another one being Thursday 6/15 at 4:30 PST/PDT/GMT-8/West Coast Freedom Time
  20. I have 10 games lined up that we should be able to play, covering a wide range of players and a good variety of game types. The first game will start Thursday 6/8 at 4:30 PST and should be estimated to run until about 8. I have a few people that I'm going to be inviting from outside of NG+ that I think will be good additions to the fun. See ya then.
  21. I'm aiming for the first game to be sometime next week, probably between the 6th-8th.
  22. The last column lists the set that each rage is in.