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  1. Based on this post I decided to toss up the Secret Santa dispersal thread right about now. Tag the person who your SS gift is for and share your gift!
  2. The idea behind some rankups giving more stats is that they give stats that the character isn't as easily able to leverage (example: Aeris has naturally better Magic than Strength and tends to benefit more from Magic than Strength on the whole, so she needs more from any +Strength ranks). As to if that works, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There is something notable about a couple of the characters in that they have rank ups that are flat out worse than simply alternating ranks in two different... Ranks. If one looks closely at Barett and Red13's rank options then you straight up lose stats. Example: Barret with 8 Ranks in Marauder has a total stat bonus (not counting the +5 to all that everyone gets) of +40 Str/Vit/Spr but a Barret with 4 ranks in Vigilante and 4 ranks in Heavy Metal has a total stat bonus of +40 Str/Vit/Spr AND +20 Dex.
  3. As viewable here my stream earlier was a very interesting one. Donators were able to choose any SNES game to play and I ended up playing an interesting variety. This helped me break the $100 mark of funds raised and I'm incredibly happy that people were willing to support me. Here's a list, in order, of what I was subjected to Mega Man X3 Uniracers Super Star Wars The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse Mohawk & Headphone Jack Zombies Ate My Nighbors Scooby-Doo Mystery Super Bonk Soul Blazer WCW Super Brawl Wrestling Populous American Gladiators Super Pinball - Behind the Mast Super Mario All-Stars It was a very interesting day and my last 2 days have the potential to be quite exciting as well, with a FF5 run where I don't control what job each character has (donations do) then my first Link to the Past Randomizer. I hope to see any of you there.
  4. So I don't exactly have a long post about it or anything, but I wanted to the point out that the downloads section of the site is somewhat... lacking. I feel like the whole downloads section could use an overhaul.
  5. I'd say that relying so heavily on rare steal consumables would count. It is very possible that the challenge is front-loaded simply because of options opening up after Daddy. Unfortunately my personal run is paused for this week and nobody's played past Dadaluma to know for sure.
  6. I've yet to try NHT without grinding Terra in the mines (to 6 or 7), which helps get through the part where you don't have much option. I'd be surprised if you can get through everything at a similar level to BNW's expected levels without resorting to LLG-level strats
  7. @pbrand That wall paper is crazy Go ahead and send me the questionnaire, sounds fun.
  8. I've been asked to host and run a Secret Santa this year. Anyone that wants to participate just post here and on the 10th I'll distribute names to everyone via PMs so that everyone can get each other gifts. Edit: Because I was asked "What is this secret santa thing?" I provide some context: Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is a secret not to be revealed. Rules! Do not spend any money! This should all be home-made. Use your imagination! It might be an image edited, it might be a song, it might be anything! But the idea behind this is to have something that will cause a good impact, and that doesn't spend any money! And try to make it look nice, if possible! Remember that someone else will also work on a gift for you! Everyone will get their gifts! Do not share who you're giving the present to! The idea is for it to be secret! Also, do not give out your gift until the actual date! Me, or Nowea will be making a thread for the dispersal of the gifts, and everyone will be able to post the gifts from there on! It's a lot better if your gift is designed in some sort of way that fits the person you got! this is a young site, so you probably won't know much about the person you got, but you can always be creative, lurk what kind of things he/she posts, the mods he/she likes... Or you can just do something cool, regardless of who gets it. Lurkers be warned: You're invited to this! No one is obligated to participate in any sort of way, but these events make a community! It's a way to get to know each other and to integrate ourselves as a community! So don't be afraid to step in and say "Ah, fuck it. Let's do this!"
  9. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to make and was simply browsing around and it just hit me "Wallpaper". @Hart-Hunt likes Mega Man [Citation Needed] so I decided to try my hand at making a Mega Man X wallpaper for him. A lack of artistic talent was definitely a hurdle that I had to overcome, but who needs talent when you can steal assets
  10. If all the enemies currently on the field are dead you win. So Wrexsoul inside someone and both Soul Fires dying at the same (or similar) time.
  11. I'm pretty sure that if anything's done to the quest they're just gonna shorten it. Also, Sabin's clearly using Flat Rate Shipping because he's not very smart when it comes to the mail.
  12. First place I know of that'd have T-Edition playthroughs is Kain's channel:
  13. T-Edition is a Japanese hack of FF6. Someone's working on an English translation atm, but it's FF6, not FFT
  14. All the participants have been sent Discord and Forum messages telling them who they are making a gift for. If there is any confusion, please contact @seibaby as he is the only one with the master list. (I deleted it so I couldn't go through and remember anything)
  15. I feel like you're thinking of this in a more advanced way than is intended. This would more akin to a NG but with different rules. It's not really a "Carry stuff over" thing, more of a "Here's a minor tweak that can have an interesting second playthrough"
  16. I have the same mindset regarding initial reactions with stat gains being a slippery slope as above, but regarding speed: And a 2nd one:
  17. V3 made, it's slightly less stupid now that there's no price hike on Warp and Warp Whistle.
  18. RC10, game time displays as 0:00. Also, Deschain's relic equip bug is in RC10.
  19. Some of us play blizzard games and were discussing sharing battle tags. I figure there's no reason not to just share them here instead of in the temporary nature of chat: Nowea#1583
  20. Trying to cast cure on Terra outside of battle results in the following:
  21. I love BNW. The script changes are mostly good. Scripts are really subjective and such. That being said, I do agree that people cop-out on script complaints while dismissing (sometimes rightfully so) the rest of the complaints.
  22. Definitely. But it... doesn't need to be build defining. Because the other 2 have other things to be doing. X-Magic still enables a few more things for the 2 without forcing the relic to be on them. I think that's actually a good place. "Mandatory for 1 build, supplemental for the others" Even if you don't think it's that great, X-Ice or X-Shell or mixing spells up has its uses. (X-X-zone? Osmose+X-Zone for random clearing?)
  23. Really with X-Magic on pretty much anyone else it's going to either be completely broken or useless. X-Magic is hard to balance around without making it required.