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  1. Delete my account please

    Can someone delete my account on here please?
  2. Silly little question

    If you wanna farm Hyper M Guards for free? Fight the General Guy and you can earn a Hyper M Guard that way. But it’s up to you if you wanna do that. I’m just throwing ideas out for you.
  3. Bowsers strength

    Wait, there’s a hidden stat for a weapon? I honestly didn’t know that. Attack range is new to me. Well then, that makes more sense now.
  4. Bowsers strength

    Bowser’s Stats HP 7603 ATK 588 DEF 547 M.ATK 317 M.DEF 210 Weapon Dragon Claw Armor Shell of Light AccessorySoul Dew
  5. Hey Darkkefka? I was wondering why bowsers strength isn’t doing 30K like Mario.
  6. I was fighting “The Mystery Girl” in the rawest forest and she gives you a “Crystal Ring” and “30 Galaxy Coins” i got the Crystal Ring.. But..I didn’t receive 30 Galaxy Coins. I got none 0 Galaxy coins
  7. Roadmap for v9

    I agree with you on that MuteCitizenMaster. I’m excited for the newest version and it is sad that it is coming to the end of the Adventure of Darkkefka’s Greatest rom hack that he has ever created! I’m ready for this~
  8. Roadmap for v9

    That’s awesome! I’m extremely excited for this next new version~ I can’t wait to see what you guys have got in store for us! 😊
  9. To Darkkefka: Thank you so very much for this rom hack of Super Mario RPG Armageddon! I can’t thank you enough for this game that you have created. I’ve been so happy with this game that you have made. Super Mario RPG was a great game that I grew up with and I loved playing that as a kid. You have changed my life so much when you made this game into a rom hack. Thank you for changing my life for the game that I grew up with. It’s been amazing! I wish I could give you something for what your magical hands have created. Again thank you so much!