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  1. dunno, maybe it might be better to choose the "worst" possible vanilla team and go from there to show that stuff has really changed?
  2. try the classes file for that
  3. should be but I don't see what this would add. oracle is a caster - spells are not influences by blindness
  4. sorry, video didn't really help. wouldn't it make more sense to have them perma-blind then? edit: or it does... open !blue, scroll 1+ rows down, back out, go to a new skill set, hello bug... I should just force memory cursor and replace the cursor option with something else, sounds like less headaches
  5. well, better than nothing
  6. with pleasure, can you provide the code for that? I tried that once and I could only manage to make it so that using L/R cancels the casting, obviously not what you'd want.
  7. Ok, so that leaves the mystery of the out of bounds menu.
  8. Did Faris' current MP plus the gain from ether sum up to exactly 100 MP? At least it sounds like it. I doubt the predict issue has anything to do with the area... do you use memory cursor or reset cursor option?
  9. the correct weapons are simply stronger, or rather the other weapon types get a penalty to their attack power. and this is not from her using 100 MP to get the extra turn? has someone reproducable steps for this?
  10. I meant the magic tab in the xls, it has several tables in it. What specifically do you try to figure out?
  11. did you have a look at misc_number_madness.xls and the magic tab?
  12. 1) bait out an attack so the enemy does his attack swing animation then hit with the lv1 tech within a couple seconds after that 2) hit with lv1 tech after the enemy has cast a spell in case of DKS you should see about 800+ damage with that
  13. Did you try to use counterattacks on him? On my end he's literally designed for that combat style. Note2self: update SD3 again and make DKS auto gameover the party if even one character hides in the coward corner and then delete all save files.
  14. that's the way it was in vanilla. here it does work on bosses but at reduced power