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  1. I interpret that as stuff is working as programmed intended.
  2. That and most of the relevant physical "passives" were innate so that made comparatively weaker than intended; especially supporting abilities like !Drink and !Brave were hard to fit into. In vanilla job, !ability and ability description occupied the same space; I've since moved the job texts to a different space and I still managed to run out of space for ability descriptions... Since ROM expansion is a thing, space in the ROM is abundant. But RAM? Yeah that was an adventure, especially for the stuff that also needs to fit into your save files. I've had to sacrifice tracking of individual jobs' ABP progress but compared to the end result that is a minor cost.
  3. No it shouldn't. Shops are recalculated whenever you open them. You have the shop with accessoires for 525 Luc and armors for 678?
  4. If you leave passive slots empty you'll get nothing in them. Also you can't put passives into the active slots anymore; !job ability + 6 passives had too many shenanigans >.> But if you leave an active slot unused those will still be filled with !item, etc. just to prevent smartasses from softlocking themselves too easily. !Genome - like many other abilities at this point - is a set of 8 skills. Those are learned by defeating specific enemy types while you have a vamp in the party (kinda like FF5a necro but less stupid and 2.5 worlds earlier available) It'll have fun stuff like: Absorb - deal ice magic damage and heal your party by the split of the damage Hunter - physical attack with recoil damage DarkCure - heal HP + some status (remember that vampire is undead so would take damage from that) Possess - caster is removed from battle to increase all stats of target ally Sacrifice - target ally is removed from battle to increase caster's stats That set is accompanied by !Oath which has the same unlock method and allows you to summon certain enemies like Skeleton, Zombiedragon or Gil Turtle.
  5. so before this topic collects too much dust, a little status update also, blame BlackLiquidSrw I hope to have "1.0" ready by june.
  6. by itself it should be no problem though I don't know how enemy's spell single target selection would work out then - I guess it should favor character #1 then
  7. Not really, at this point I've done most of what I wanted to.
  8. I'd at least disagree with most decisions, even with the theorie. Just upping damage doesn't profit bosses that rely on anything outside of pure damage, like fraction damage attacks, status effects or other gimmicks. You'd probably just want to increase speed for those bosses. HP is just too high, that's less challenging and more just tedium. Also if you start with 7k HP on the first boss already you would soon run out of room to increase the values for the remaining 40+ bosses. Plus this over-inflated HP will just encourage use of fraction damage as soon as it becomes available. Most of your decisions just ignore most of what I've done with the hack - no stat changes (as counterproductive as they are) for the new jobs, you didn't address the really powerful tactics of status/instant death/fraction damage vs bosses, etc. Also you contradict yourself: now, which is it? note: split this from main topic for further discussion
  9. Did you confirm if that even works? What about the new jobs? I guess not because I didn't give any of the listed values to a job; mine are in the 20-28 range, not 40+. Also how the hell would you beat even the tutorial boss if you really gave him 600+ MP which translates to 7(!) turns before you can do anything at all. Though I guess you didn't really try if your changes work the way you think they should because monster do actually not have a starting MP value. What was the MP value is now a couple of bit flags; like what stat level to use, if it is a boss type, if it should crash the game on regular attack, ... Did you verify/modify the boss LP? Cause 3.5k HP x2 (+1 LP) for Raptor sounds very tedious; 7k HP with just 50~100 damage per attack will take ages... I'm guessing if that trend keeps up, the final boss has about 1m HP for each of its 5 pieces. Or what about NG+ mode? Checked that? Also, yes I'm just mad that you got my username wrong.
  10. this doesn't sound just like a grind fest and not well thought out. 5x HP on bosses, less exp gain later jobs are stronger? thanks, you can unlock all of them for 10gil in the first town! plus just inflating HP without recognizing instant death effects will not have much on an impact on late game durability
  11. less rebalance, more extra content (skills, final bosses that actually put up a fight) the difficulty curve should be still like vanilla just a step or 2 higher (I went through every single enemy and increased stats and power of special moves by a certain percentage). Tarantula and early Gades should still be the top candidates for hardest boss fight before the final. I'd guess the effect is actually stronger here than in vanilla for Tarantula as it still suffers from a massive case of early game = lack of options (especially no AC) hard mode increases enemy damage before defense so the effect will just become bigger as the game goes on (same for damage reduction for player) If I had to order the final bosses by difficulty I'd say: Egg Dragon > Guard Daos > Amon > Erim > Gades > Daos Daos isn't really a boss, more like a warm up before the real boss. I mean I didn't really have anything to work with for him. Gades, Amon and especially Erim (because of her L3 Iria battle) have a lot of material to work with from Lufia 1-3. But Daos? He orders his minions around (who are beaten at this point), has his S.F., casts high tier spells, Dark Reflector/Scary Memory and has a crippling weakness to gambling. Dunno, if I ever get around to a V9 I'll probably stretch the lore around him a lot to make him more interesting.
  12. Didn't another item also have the Dash IP?
  13. So, what about Spido Jewel's Debuff IP? I can't put that on my head. Or Fury & Angry Rings with Dread (DFP down) Btw. having Uni Jewel give Dash IP would currently also break the stone pattern
  14. I honestly don't care about the gem itself. I just needed another item that has access to a ATP debuff IP and saw that the Uni Jewel wasn't obtainable. So I just added it and slapped the first ATP debuff on it that wasn't Swordsplitter. That's all there is to it.
  15. I think Merix is better since you can buy the Warp spell there, so less chance to get yourself stuck there. Also it comes shortly after the 1st Gades fight where you may have just loaded all the spells you could find on your party to beat him. I didn't change the element of Stardust Blow. Dash at that point wouldn't be too useful, you've access to regular skills that deal comparable damage without using IP you want for more important skills.