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  1. The main ideas were to make the battles more dynamic and give each character more, well, character. As a result of that every character has now access to an individualized job list of 21 out of total 31 jobs (freelancer is NOT available) while each job level now has a permanent impact on a character's stats. For example klutz Bartz can not be a chemist and Lenna hasn't in her to go Berserker. More dynamic battles are achieved via !Brave, !Def and field elements. Move a future turn to now with !Brave or take two turns at a later point with !Def while modifying the field elements to your liking with each skill or ability used. Changed field elements affect damage, healing and status effect chance. major features: all party members can be renamed at any time difficulty can be adjusted via in-game menu elements play a larger role extending to every item, ability, status effect and monster rebalance of equipment, spells, abilities and enemies instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics relics add a mix of resistances, weaknesses and power bonuses to same-element attacks spells scale with weapon power keeping them relevant until the end spell lists have been altered, e.g. Fire1/2/3 was reduced to just Fire and there are now new spells replacing the missing spells items are not consumed but introduce a cooldown on !Item, !Mix, !Drink and !Throw auto-heal some HP after battle victory (trade-off for disabled potions) ATB does not proceed until the currently active actor is finished with their turn, but then moves instantly to the next event saving is always enabled most importantly - a New Game Plus mode!
  2. Current Version: v1.042, 2017/11/04 Sister thread (probably down forever) Major features: Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression Rebalanced classes, stats and spells, almost everything is usable now Modified formulas that keep even high level techs useful Expanded inbattle options with running, regular strong attacks and counter techs Passive MP regeneration with high cost spells: be smart with your magic Extensive boss AI changes Accelerated level curve: from class changing at the earliest mana stone to facing the final boss at the level cap Transformed the shield slot into a second accessoire slot for everyone, shields count as regular accessoires Increased inventory capacity to 20 per item type instead of 9 Tons of bugfixes ranging from agility stats not working to Kevin's wolfform stacking attack bonuses 5 difficulties to choose from, covering the spectrum from "easier than vanilla" to "Atlus would be proud" Roadmap until v1.0 Potential ideas towards v2.0
  3. Well, I guess I could increase physical power a bit. Though I'm afraid how that'll turn out, 700+ attack in max attack gear is already possible (normal ends more around 400) and very stupid.
  4. Since the Byblos thing trips people up again and again, here now again as an "official" explanation: Byblos counters 100% of the attacks against him. Other bosses may do that too, but Byblos is imo the biggest offender with countering. Also, since I've come to the conclusion that Monk is the 100% worst, most useless job (can only heal itself a bit and deal water damage, and that not even very well): !Kick evolves to !Blitz
  5. I'd also like to know if that Lise has as much STR investment (or relevant stat for alternate stat weapon) as Angela had INT level ups. Or what type of weapon light? heavy? ...there's too many variables...
  6. That's honestly something I wanted to do - specifically for dark Lise; but it isn't possible with how shops work. They are limited to 12 items at once; if the game loads 13+ slots it'll glitch around a lot. Any item can only have one condition. So "have Duran and/or Lise in the party" is not possible to set. If you have any idea how I should set shops up for that, we may talk. I wanted to have my basics covered, second half items are supposed to be heavily specialized stuff. This way I have less to worry about when I throw everything and the kitchen sink at you. maybe I disagree, if only on the grounds that it is consistent with the enemies techs (B/B are ninjamaster and use shadowdive just like NM-Hawk, nightblades use split image slice like NB-Hawk) and in vanilla it works so that ninjamaster has his MT option in spells and nightblade his in the Lv3 tech while the other stuff is single target. and how would I do that? the big problem is how much more buffable physical is compared to spells. power up + def down is the same as mind up + m.def down but did you include sabers? only +10% for magic but +10% for physical and another potential +50% for weakness hits that didn't exist before energy ball? aura wave? also magic deals more high number but rarely occuring damage while physical is low to medium damage but all the time. how do you compare that? or is that just the same problem as with Duran's recovery? purely psychological You can perform the same in vanilla, for both B&B fights. The condition is HP below half but you can burn that down before the game is able to execute that action.
  7. I'm not working on this anymore.
  8. Might be one of those "too long ago since you reloaded ingame" memory leak bugs?
  9. I just think the table on that side is wrong, everywhere in code I've looked it is by order of ids: Godhand stuff Warrior Monk stuff Deathhand stuff Dervish stuff I think it'd help me more if you told me explicitly what you want changed. Then I may look into it, no promises.
  10. I don't see proof there, mind pointing it out? All the game data I've seen has been in the regular order Godhand, Warrior Monk, Death Hand, Dervish But then again, what is the Light/Dark categorization? Ingame there's no mention of that concept, it only exists outside of it.
  11. It is kinda hard to lack physical strength with Kevin AND Duran and the same party. You could always give Duran an Estoc/Mythril Sword (PIE based) and then put all into PIE for strong heal and attack. Or same for Kevin with Moogle Claw/Mythril Knuckle. Though in that setup I'd choose one main healer and only give that one the PIE-based weapon.
  12. Dangaard has the "nice" property that he basically moves within 1-2 pixel of your max range but just 1-2 pixel outside of AI pathfinding. That's nothing I can fix.
  13. That is still the same as in vanilla; each time you beat any godbeast the remaining godbeasts and their minions gain ~3 levels (2 in vanilla), order doesn't really matter, it is up to preference. Well, except for a few screens in the earth god beasts area - that is frozen at minimum level: map data has not enough space to hold the updated levels In vanilla you could delay certain godbeasts for later to gain 2nd class change and maybe a few of the new spells (if you were willing to grind), e.g. if you had dark Angela as she only has Lv1 spells and dark force before that but could gain Lv2-3 spells afterward. But you should have every spell here by the time you reach the first godbeast. I'd advise you to check if any one of the god beast areas looks like a good/comfortable exp grind spot in case you need it later and keep that boss for last; when you beat a godbeast all mobs of that area stay gone. Also if you need money, the wind godbeast gives the most gold but least exp out of the pack.
  14. Yes, all of that is intended.
  15. 1) Protect Ring goes last in the resistance calculation, so no, you can't. 2) None that I know of; that other bug there was fixed.