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  1. priority order is simply: saber > top accessoire slot > bottom accessoire slot sabers override each other, only the newest stays
  2. If you want some Dolan cheese
  3. You could use one of the demon statues that some bosses add to your item storage to remove the penalty. Speaking of which, Nesouk, if you still have those, you can sell them for 2k each.
  4. I meant the first screen south of that town that has an enemy; that way you only have to fight one enemy per chest (actual rate depending on difficulty) instead of 3-6 enemies for one chest. Also, are those quotes supposed to be empty or does something not load on my side?
  5. You should maybe farm the lone enemy south of the snow town to get enough ??? seeds for the class change.
  6. oh, is it that obvious it will be a total trainwreck?
  7. not sure if I should corrected or have proven my point new white spell list: new black spell list: new blue spell list new time spell list new spellblade list additional changes: MP "damage" that exceeds current MP damages ATB (= longer delay until next turn) The relevant element for most attacks will be shown in the top display (only one color for those though...) can now rename character in first slot any time that menu is available (just via holding L or R while entering menu) doesn't affect "story" dialog yet, since those are hardcoded, only menus. maybe later.
  8. not even 2 weeks without a new patch despite me being "done", v1.035 excluded a few cinematic and boss death animations from being skippable via optional patch fixed light-Angela having wrong weakness to fire instead of ice fixed bug that made spell power armor not turn spells non elemental replaced "magic up" with "increases generic magic and damage item power" in documentation for greater clarity
  9. as the saying goes: "pic or it didn't happen, pic and it was photoshopped" - congratz
  10. When I tried it made no difference whether the text boxes were shown or not. Menu was unreachable for equal lengths.
  11. Was suggested but didn't work out. The lines are for speed up/down buffs, I think. Just yet another way to icnrease lag in this game.
  12. 1) they work on everything that has enough levels left to drain 2) those weapons only change your atk stat but defense is the same as for regular weapons 3) former boss is neutral with resists, later boss has proper weaknesses 4) yes, all 5) yeah, should probably do that - though it was funny to skip a minute worth of animations in charlie's intro alone
  13. In the same archive as the patch.
  14. This was a conscious design desicion. You're not supposed to buy every weapon/armor - and neither would you have the inventory space for it, unless you like fighting with the storage system which is horrible. Theoretically there IS a libra like effect - but every translation patch I've tried breaks it. And on J it is almost too fast to read it anyway, not that it was flawless there to begin with.
  15. I've exactly 0 idea how any of this works in a *nix environment. So if that is a general patching problem I'm the wrong guy. What is the size of the ROM? Right would be 4096 kb (unheadered ROM), if it is slightly bigger with 4097 kb it is a headered ROM, not suitable for the patch. If it is the right size, what exactly is the problem you experience?
  16. Defend: selfish, "sorry, I was busy watching my own HP, I didn't see that monster eating your face" Image: selfless, basically an image creates a fake you; if a monster attacks he just always chooses wrong but if you throw yourself before someone there is no choice for the monster to make Row: selfless, you can't cover someone from an attack to their face by standing behind their back; on the flipside they have committed themself to cover alternatively, you can only cover for people in the same row - switching rows cost a turn, yes?
  17. Thank you. Well, 3 spells - 100 Tentacles, Tidal Wave and Squid Ink. And supposedly sprite exists in the game as well. I'm happy we didn't get the boss there - just imagine doing Genova, Bill/Ben, Gorva, Bucca Island and only THEN finding out you don't have enough black market supplies or certain armor items or whatever. If you want to get them you have to reload a pre-Genova save in vanilla and do it all over again. Also story wise there weren't any unaffiliated bosses (either with the 3 factions or monster feeding on the mana stones or the like), so he'd probably take the spot of the water/ice boss and the manastone would have been somewhere around bucca? hmm... maybe that is why Fiegmund looks so fishy and less like an ice boss.
  18. Only all your stuff. Though he should have used a big buff afterwards on himself as well. Well, there's a story to that. I know noone cares about it so I'll tell it anyway. It is possible to defeat vanilla Archdemon completely, both "forms" (well, shared health pool, just a different sets of moves really), so fast he gets 0 attacks in, not even enough time to transform into the phase 2 sprite. Also if it took 1-2 minutes on your site, the timing was indeed perfect So my notes on how to make this boss harder were basically: "...does he even attack? maybe have him attack at all would be a start" For extra hilarity DragonScholar's files on boss AI ALSO do not listen any AI for that boss. Does it count if I developed only on hard difficulty and had test teams that were more or less normal (or in some cases actually disadvantaged because of huge version difference between their creation and current state of art)? Could you please put videos in spoiler tags? I think that'd make it easier on navigation/load times.
  19. 2 and 3 were just dummies, they only had a name and spell data that amounted to "do nothing". So I took 2 and gave it the Ancient animation (since I had nothing better) and stats I thought appropriate for that boss. I think I made it so one of the final bosses has 0 evade but (comparatively) high defense, one has lowish defense but high evade and the third is inbetween. I guess this was the former. I mean he is a few levels higher than the previous boss and his shifting weakness/resistance scheme makes it useless to use sabers, so maybe that's why it felt low? None, same as for his uber anti magic Archdemon was supposedly the hard path in vanilla SD3 so I held almost nothing back on that final boss. Also if nothing bugged up this time he should have given you a lot of time at the start of the fight.
  20. There's supposedly a boss that was planned and either not finished or just dummied out (I found nothing to summon him at least) - either way his spells are there. And I certainly didn't let those and a dummy spell or two go to waste. E.g. "100 tentacles" (yes it is called that) went to a certain clown. I think the only spell I haven't used anywhere is Ancient 3. As if doomsday 1.0 and 2.0 weren't enough...
  21. You can just hit the quote button multiple times, it'll insert the full quote each time and there you can delete the text you don't want quoted.
  22. That's interesting. I thought the animation was just for show Do you happen to have a in-game save still before the boss?
  23. Yeah, in general watch what "day" it is in the menu; if it matches to the element the boss uses change it ASAP because it boosts all damage of that kind. Stay at an INN, use dreamsee herbs or just run another round to the dungeon. That won't help much; I changed AI behaviour, stats AND weaknesses. Btw. the stove is weak to ice and earth, most classes can abuse the later weakness earlier so I gave him both. If you don't have diamond saber, buy the respective claw in the black market in byzel for your main attacker. Also, be happy: in the original you fight a second much tougher boss right after with no option to leave inbetween.
  24. I can't add more slots but what I did was that in-battle passive abilities are replaced with certain active abilities, specifically with !Item, !Fight, !Brave (take two actions now, double delay until next turn), !Scan in that order whichever you don't have yet. So if you put on your Thief: !Steal (always set because of class) Politics (passive that gives you 2x items on steal and from victory spoils) Counter Evade you can in-battle select from: !Steal !Brave !Fight !Item but still get the benefits from the 3 passive skills. Innate abilities now count for all classes, not only for Mime and Freelancer. As for knowing which are innate: Plus Freelancer is not selectable once you have switched. Well, in short every class is like the vanilla Mime. I hope that answers that slightly.
  25. Yes. weird, I could have sworn the former had the other kind No, they are fire elemental and hit against physical defense. You can use them against fire absorbing enemies after you use anti-magc on them. Only then will the debuff work.