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  1. For your own sake don't use that.
  2. 3. Oh wait, I misread that. I read all jobs period. He should have access to 7 jobs, but wind crystal technically gives 8. Everyone else has 5/8 there, he 7 - it just happened, it didn't really watch for when the jobs get available, just that each char has at least 4 jobs after the first crystal and the jobs fit somewhat thematically. Job selection can still be changed though. 4. not implemented job. To figure out which are just check the ability menu, you'll see the job main ability above the section where you select your 3 abilities; if it is just "!" it is a placeholder job. Otherwise it'll be like !White or whatever the job has
  3. 1. I know, that's a huge todo on my list - I just want the main mechanics finished first and some feedback so I know which are the hardest to understand. 2. Was he defending? That (and a certain passive ability) let you survive at 1 HP IF you had over 1/8 health before the hit. 3. Does he wear the sage item from the shop?
  4. v0.575 added abilities for Tinker job finished job palettes for new jobs fixed berserk, confuse action behaviour fixed exp options not working as intended fixed bug that made X-Fight and TwinCut randomly crash the game fixed bug that made certain escaping enemies not really escape (also applies to SolCannon self-destruct) fixed interaction with X-magic and Time/Echo spell altered MP calculation to (2xSTR + 1xMAG + base + JobBonus) * (MAG+64) / 64 MP soft caps at 200 and 300, hard cap at 400 before %MP abilities which cap at 500 adjusted HP/MP curve of player characters decreased general HP growth of enemies by about 15% decreased specific HP% of Sandworm increased general enemy damage output increased effect of difficulty on enemy damage output increased abp gain from exp/128 to exp/32 increase power of heal vs undead by 50% modifed delay for actions; 0 tick delays are now possible (most abilities), non-0 delays are now modifed by AGL (Slash, Jump, BuildUp,...) added 2hand-only flag to Anti-Magic bow increased accuracy of Rod from 70 to 80 now shows the job's main ability in the abiltiy selection instead of just "ability" singing gets ended when max buffs are reached Blue/Vampire: now works like a 80 power non-elemental drain spell nerfed X-Magic/Shift to quartering missing delay instead of setting to 0, Time/Shift is unchanged set to 0 nerfed demi vs heavy to 1/4 instead of 1/2 the usual power demi and psych now respect the power penalty for being used via x-magic SteadyMP only works up to 99 MP (it is steady MP, not steady TURNS!!) changed ribbon to void type changed martial/aid to void type so formal introduction for Tinker abilities: !Tinker - 8 "spells", main ability: Turret: summon turret to deal earth damage to one enemy Load: reduces remaining item cooldown Swap: switch remaining item cooldown with target Shock: summon Bardandels to inflict paralyze on all enemies Guardian: summon IronGolem to negate physical damage (Golem effect) HeRoBot*: summon Prototype to deal lightning damage and HP leak to all enemies Overload: set own item cooldown to 0 at cost of some HP (can be lethal**) !X-Item - same as !Item but with multitarget and double cooldown Recycle - passive ability to speed up item cooldown !Drink, Brawl - same as from other jobs that have those learned in order: Brawl, !Tinker, Recycle, !Drink, !X-Item Currently, the new "spell" menus have all their spells always unlocked. This will change later. The first 2 of each menu will be always available and the other 6 will be tied to conditions - like you currently need for !Black to buy the spells and for !Blue get hit by them. Though there will be no double-unlock like in vanilla where you had to e.g. grind BlackMage AND buy all spells. *you know: Hero-Bot, He-Robot, not-I-Robot **1-stack feather from !Item would be 14k self-damage, 50-stack Elixir about 900, mere Potion 192 damage
  5. The default difficulty is hard - and it reads like you'd enjoy it more if you'd lower it at least one stage. Though I can be wrong about that. As for what stacks: mostly everything that doesn't say a variant of "does not stack with self" or is just an activator (e.g. resistance, MP steal) or removal (e.g. weaknesses)
  6. Only "breaking" (use equipped rod) and GilToss remove ressources permanently in this version. Easily farmable weapons is kinda dangerous - stacksize reduces cooldown for !throw, up to no cooldown in the 30s. I would put weapons only as rare drops (first copy guaranteed, I think 1/16 for every further), maybe as stealable if the weapon is "outdated" for the area the monster first appears in.
  7. In short yes, both drops and steals will have to be changed. I have a small list of additional weapons and armors that have to go somewhere - and I don't want to stuff everything into the very few shop spaces we have left. Though I'd like to limit it to one steal type per enemy, either rare or normal, not both. Plus more potions isn't that bad, they heal more with increasing stack size.
  8. just a little preview for the first new job to be really added: Blue Bard gained with 1st crystal, meant as a support job built around item use
  9. if you ask me that way, please send per PM, in case there's some stuff I don't want spoiled yet.
  10. Nah, keep it. There's so many small changes even I have to look up half the stuff every time - and noone ever reads READMEs. Maybe I should've called it DONT_READ_ME_OR_WORLD_WILL_END, it works for buttons.
  11. Do you have the "Sage" jewel from the shop equipped on him? That unlocks all jobs as long as it is equipped. If you remove it and have at least one level in an "illegal" job you'll suffer uncurable aging. Illegal jobs being those that are not yet unlocked or those that are generally blocked for that character.
  12. No, that's ok; you could change your mind about what you equip or try out lots of pieces and then end up losing HP even if you went back to what you had at the start. It should be reduced at the next battle start though.
  13. errr.... I just have to use TwinCut at all there... 2 is not equal to 2... what...
  14. I've no idea what that is - with the given save it has the same behaviour even in an unmodified J rom.
  15. Is it still there if you save and reload? If so, can you send me the save file for that (.srm)
  16. You're not patching this over a pre-translated rom, are you?
  17. Yeah that is currently bugged. Likewise turns of confused or berserked characters are currently not happening.
  18. This is the spawn of this brainstorming topic.
  19. Let me check my Lufia 2 to-do list... NULL I'd say go for it. Have fun!
  20. Edit: download in new main topic So I got the feeling that the increasingly misnamed Final Fantasy series is wholly underrepresented on this site at only 5 out of 13 uploaded mods. Jokes aside, I wanna brainstorm some ideas what could be done with this game. 1) MP/action economy Battle starts with 0 MP, except for certain class bonus (below) and some equipment. ELEMENT1 spells would cost 0 MP, stronger and more specific spells > 0. Magic damage would have to be reworked so that even the lowest spells remain relevant. Guarding would grant 100 MP, next to the usual recovery options like Ethers and Osmose. If MP is at least 100 at the end of a turn, that character skips wait and immediatly gets to act again. If you're seeing parallels to Bravely Default, it was kinda the inspiration. To make that relevant, a form of nATB is required. And yes, that makes the Quick spell useless. Replace it and be happy over some freed RAM. 2) classes We have 4 characters and all have access to the same 22 classes, including Freelancer and Mime. No more! Noone gets to keep the Hobo class, they learned a profession after all Aside from that, I'd block 6 classes per character, so each one has 15 classes to choose from. E.g. Bartz can never be a Chemist while Lenna just doesn't have it in her to go Berserker. Less breakage, more character diversity. Each class gets to teach 7 abilities, some duplicates across classes for the basics, but the heavy stuff like !X-Fight and !X-Magic should stay unique and as a 7th ability. Additionally stupid stuff like White1-6 goes and only teaches White once. You don't have to learn 6 times how to wield a sword either, neither has !Blue that problem. Changing into a class no longer changes stats, instead levelling a class grants permanent stat bonuses, 3 out of HP, MP (starting bonus and max), STR, AGL, MAG, VIT. Duplicates possible. E.g. each level of Monk gives +2x VIT and +1x HP (30 HP before VIT %bonus) ABP required should not be based on which ability you learn next but purely on how many class levels you already have. 3) items Consumables aren't used up, instead you get a cooldown during which you can't use !Item. Higher item stacks increase effect or lower cooldown. E.g. 1x Potion heals 30 HP, 99x Potion 2000 HP. Would probably require to prohibit out of battle healing coupled with a free mini heal after victory. 4) equipment Equipment is changed from Helm, Armor and Relic to 3x Relic. Non-shields would have to get renamed. 5) elements Everything could get one of the eight elements this game has instead of 90% neutral. Weapons could belong to one element per type, i.e. swords would be fire except for special cases. Armors for defensive obviously, each element would give 2 resistances and 2 weaknesses, mix gear badly and you're suddenly weak to 6 elements. The only thing I'd allow to be neutral would be the final boss. Everything else, enemy or otherwise, should have elemental affinity (i.e. weaknesses). Warning: utter drawing incompetence ahead (8x8px per icon times negative talent) to the left how it could look ingame, to the right just all 8 element icons: fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, poison, holy
  21. I'd like less generalized statements and more explanation wtf you mean and why.
  22. Did you HAVE to grind that much or did you just want to? I see you didn't change the names of the other party members. Didn't want to?
  23. I've based it on one a-lot-in-one bug fix patch, should have been fixxer deluxe, not 100% sure.
  24. glitch: so that was a yes also that wasn't "everything", you can't get the !gaia, !mix or !animal spells this way, only the "spells" with id 0 to 255, including the enemy-only stuff that is enemy-only for glitch reasons. check the classes.xls it tells you which stats increase for each job level and which abilities they have and give.
  25. let me guess... open !blue, scroll down a bit, close it, then open !martial or !finesse, have fun?