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  1. Depends what kind of trouble they give specifically. Each godbeast is numerically weaker than most regular bosses of their level would be. Though each has a trick (or fifty) to them that more than makes up for that.
  2. There's leaf saber - which recovers 1+ MP per hit - , a weapon has that as innate effect or an accessoire for the same. Or an accessoire that allows to pay in HP instead. Care to elaborate? If it is an animation that doesn't end, there's an unfixable bug with the game if it has been relatively long since you re-loaded your save file (savestates do NOT count!!!!) which has all kinds of weird effects.... I repeat this line like every page in this thread....
  3. Depends, as a continous effect or a buff or one cast = less cooldown left? Also not without removing any other song. I'm sorta already at the limit of what can be added.
  4. You get full MP on victory, and regenerating MP during battle - trust me, you can use it a lot more than it seems to. And pre class change noone is not really supposed to have much in the way of spell casting. You're mainly supposed to "learn" regular combat. As for who is and isn't a support class - that depends on you; basically everyone learns spells that fit that criteria.
  5. This. More in depth, you don't use any item up in this version, instead you get a cooldown for ALL items on that character, this includes !Item, !Mix, !Throw and !Drink. A few items have fixed length cooldowns but get stronger with higher stacks, e.g. a 1-stack potion heals 50, 99 potions 1250 but cooldown is static; compare with elixir which always recovers all HP but gets cooldown reduction from "try again next battle" at 1 copy down to about 10 turns at a 99 stack; ok MP recovered increases also (15 -> 100). Cooldown can be speed up with defending and the time spell "Renew". Breaking rods does not give a cooldown but is one of two categories that still use up items at all. The other being tents. I'd not be surprised if this change dropped Chemist from most-powerful-job-if-you-know-what-you-do to second worst.
  6. hmm... ok, a few do have rare drops. but if you have 0 copies of that yet you should get it 100%, and I don't think you'll miss not getting a turtle shell from carbunkle.
  7. Sorry, but I won't even contemplate real party advise until I'm "95% done". You can turn single mode off any time you want, only activating it is limited to the start. Of course, you can get a penalty for "illegal" classes then (same as if you'd use the 10 gold Sage Stone from the first shop for that purpose). Last I checked all bosses had guaranteed drops. Or do you mean steals? Those haven't been changed. So whether that is worth bothering is more or less the same answer as it was in vanilla.
  8. one thing I might have not meantioned; if an enemy has a rare drop (1/16 chance) and you have no copy of that yet (inventory, equipped or already in battle wards), you get it 100%. this should happen as soon as the "tutorial" fight with two goblins, they have a rare drop of a ruby relic
  9. Download If someone wants to try it: At this point I'm mostly looking for feedback on mechanics, less on numbers. Don't expect the later to be merciful. Also, please change the names of all party members (hold L or R when opening the menu, opens name change for lead character) and tell me dialogs where they still display the vanilla names, I might have forgotten a text box or fifty. Beginner house has not yet changed dialog, I want to touch that once I'm certain mechanics work, and not just in the non-buggy sense. And of course as is typical for me the package includes too much documentation nobody will read. I hope this will not be as necessary at the end as with SD3, at most the element table will be...
  10. All chest traps and Dragon Emperor - though the later doesn't matter unless you go above 99 which is not possible without cheating.
  11. Ok, then its normal - those two skills deal more damage for every level you are above the "caster".
  12. Depends, what's your level compared to theirs (random mob of same area +2)?
  13. Depends on what you're doing; there are two types of regular attack with very different cooldown times, see readme for details.
  14. Are the level 1 stats random as well or are they fixed? Can I expect the "jack of all trades" to always have 25 in all stats or could (s)he have sometimes 25/26/24/25 or 23/24/27/26 as well? I don't know your character-to-role idea, so I use a general term, sorry.
  15. *looks at thread title* yes
  16. eh, not that hard. would just need a free byte in RAM (this is the hardest part, seriously) for the counter and then when it is reached replace the active cast of "meteo" with a "out of space rocks" spell that does nothing, same effect as I already do with the echo spell. But I'll still say no to this one (unless Meteo turns out to be super-broken OP), it feels arbitrary and unclear for the player. Fire weak to water and other weaknesses - nothing outside the norm, maybe a few weird interactions in the chart but overall it makes sense. But running out of space rocks for meteo but having enough for infinite comet casts (same sprite) and enemies still having some left - why? For regular enemies you can ignore this mechanic since those come usually in packs of 2-8, hitting 4 of those is not much different from a regular aoe spell.
  17. That'd be... not that hard to do actually? Flipside ofc. being that certain bosses "depend" on casting Meteo (desperation mode neo x-death), so if those count too... and otherwise it gets weird... the player has no Meteo left but the boss can pull more stones from outerspace out of his ass...
  18. Everytime I write balance just imagine huge air quotes around it. I just throw numbers at each other until shit stops working. I sorta have such a split by necessity, I guess. general rule: Swords - fire Knives - poison Axes - earth Katana - lightning Lances - ice Staves - holy Bows - wind Whips - wind but not many items Rods - all over the place Harps - technically no type since they use fraction spells Bell - 3 water, 1 earth, yay? unarmed - water (you know: blood, sweat, tears) BraveBlade/ChickenKnife - water (fluid attack power) Ragnarok - ONLY non-elemental weapon considering which skills work with what weapon type and which not or which stats they use, each element is quite different. and (current) max attack power varies as well: fire tops out at 83, wind at 91, water at 100 (max braveblade) then you have status effects that also belong to elements: fire - berserk, HP leak ice - stop, death lightning - paralyse, old water - toad, mini, doom wind - confuse, slow earth - sleep, petrify poison - poison, zombie, HP to 1 holy - blind, mute, destroy with that black may have access to all 8 elements but not equally; e.g. its only holy type is a blind inflicting spell for wind HP drain (better not try against undead) and for ice well ice and death, etc. white has fury/berserk for fire, nothing for ice, storm and charm for wind, etc. Theoretically you just need fire, ice, lightning and wind to hit every single type weakness currently. Most late game bosses have two elements, some regular enemies do too; those may have depending on combination 1-4 weaknesses (I extra checked that no combination results in 0 weaknesses). If it was a fixed exchange like ice <-> water, poison <-> fire, etc. this would still be too much imo; a too strong move would go from potentially being very good 25% of the time to 50%, have the right 2 and you're "done". sorry, don't want that. e.g. meteo is very problematic; it deals 4 hits to a random target though those may hit the same target, even for all 4 times if no other target is present, like in many boss fights. it is insanely powerful if you can give it ideal circumstances - one target weak to earth, earth amp gear, mp to keep the spam going. but that is also its drawback: if the boss resists earth it only/still deals above neutral damage in total - remember: 4 full power hits I really didn't pay too much attention to what boss is weak to what elements and what that would mean, I just looked that I have something that fits and a good variance of types/weaknesses (e.g. the final boss's final form has unique weaknesses for each targetable part). Meteo isn't alone, there are other insanely powerful moves - goblin punch, aqua rake, flare(s), echo, a dozen variants of "death", etc. While they have a fixed type they are (almost) guaranteed to get their time to shine but (hopefully) not "solve" the game alone. I'm not even sure how an element change on aqua rake could work, would it also change the anti-desert type? ouch..
  19. There's exactly one way.
  20. That is no problem, but you may have problems as a player since the patch has to change a few controls and expands what you can do in battle, e.g. run. When you start in the middle you basically skip all the "tutorial" time (this game has no explicit tutorial) you would have to get used to those changes.
  21. That would be certainly possible to code. Though at this point I'm not sure how usable or OP this would be. Stuff like Meteo, GoblinPunch and BraveBlade/ChickenKnife are "balanced" around the idea that it can only be one fixed damage type. Will have to think about this one, not sure.
  22. Still my question: what would that gain? Regular FF5 FJF works already and has many, many more variants than could be added in the ROM easily. Plus I've 0 idea for GBA ASM so that'd lose 4 jobs from the pool. And I sadly doubt anyone would ever go so far as to do a challenge run in any of my works. Either way, the "easist" way to get an FJF mode for my mod would be an external generator that modifies a few specific values in the ROM according to "better" randomness than FF5 itself can manage. The FF5 RNG can only have 256 different states. Needed would be at least 720 (6 wind jobs x 6 water jobs w/ mime x 5 fire jobs x 4 earth jobs). So that obviously makes 2/3 of all combinations not possible. Just imagine that this could possibly mean that 70% of teams are stuck with Berserker, glorious times! hmmm.... shouldn't be too hard to port the needed change to a regular FF5, though would still need to write that "generator" - I've no idea how to do that.
  23. Would be theoretically possible. But seeing how many variants are there - what would that gain? I could accommodate one, not all.
  24. There's a random chance that regular enemies get replaced on spawning. E.g. if I've placed a Molebear in a spot the game may randomly decide to give you a Poron or Myconoid instead. That patch adds some bosses to the potential replacements, only the small ones though; huge boss sprites kill the game obviously. They ARE scaled to the current area's level though.
  25. Well, technically you can relatively simply "prevent" save scumming for better stats: have a separate RNG only for the level up stats meaning it only advances when someone levels up or even simpler make stats soft capped by level, e.g. lv1 stat + 3 + level/4 (assuming way below 25% chance) Does it have to be addressed - maybe, probably not. I just wanted to show a potential pitfall which might make it less enjoyable than it could be. Also it seemingly contradicts another of his stated goals: Dumb question from my side: how can roles be defined, how can I plan my team, when the stats are purely random? If a role boils down to a magical nuker and RNG comes up with mostly non-magic stats that falls a bit on its head. Unless I'm mistaken FireEmblem is similar with the stats but there you have a gigantic cast, so a couple bad cases can just be thrown out by the player; with a small cast, every bad egg hurts more. Sorry I'm dragging this point on and on, still curious... forgot to ask this: is this only how the vanilla spells are distributed among the characters or does it include changes to spells themselves, maybe even replacements?