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  1. Deathless weapons are your proof if you succeeded a "no death" playstyle; die once (normal or higher) or hit a trap (tough or higher) and it is gone for this playthrough. Whats the problem with Zable and Koren specifically? Evade is hard capped at 127; more AGL will give you the other bonuses still: more accuracy (less misses), bons to Lv1 tech damage, etc. I think the highest accuracy any enemy has is 38, so you're at the effective evasion cap of 90 anyway (127 - 38 = 89, ok you miss 1%, cast speed up asap!!!). weapons and armor are meant to be usable most of the entire game, some in general, other with more niche use, and all of course depending on playstyle. theoretically the wendel weapon and armor should last you the whole game, so money shouldn't be much of a problem. does it even matter much if an armor is light, light-medium or medium? sure the damage number changes, but on higher difficulty does it change the number of hits you can survive? if the damage gets reduced from 700 to 500 that looks good but you still die in 2 hits. That's where the resist gear should come in, resistance cuts damage in half; you have a bit lower defense but now the 700 gets down to let's say 400, oh hey that means you can now take to hits at 801 HP instead of almost getting one shot there. Or for the OCD people that need everyone to take similar damage; you know some classes have natural resistance to a given element, others don't, so they can even it out that way. Also don't only look at the pure defense; HP factor, evade, crit resistance also play a huge role on how much it lets you survive. Bazant Mail (93% HP, heavy p.def) vs Dragon's Mail (103% HP, light def) is almost 100 HP difference at Lv90+. Dragon takes more damage per hit, yes, but it still takes 100 more damage before you hit 0. I'd actually say, undead armor becomes more useful later; you get a few options to recover HP outside of now harmful healing (moon saber/hp steal weapon/ring, HP regen ring, bishop weapon or plain post battle healing) and status effects become more diverse. of course there's only one boss where it is safe to use at all. someone made use of it in dragon hole even. I can take a look at general attack and defense value of weapons and armors, but for that I need a bit more concrete feedback; why should weapon/armor X be increased one attack/defense stage and how does it make X not strictly better than similar options. Resistance gear requires knowing what the enemies use for elements, but at least for the godbeasts that's dead obvious (minus one troll). Admittedly, I've designed myself into a corner there; the medium power wendel stuff was supposed to be the baseline, the stuff to compare to, and then it doesn't have anything special and only medium power. And there's only so much hitrate/critrate/evade/whatever that I can reduce otherwise...
  2. "...Lv1 tech hits an enemy shortly after they start their attack or cast a spell..." hit them in the 3~4s after the spell animation finishes. hold direction away from the enemy in case the spell sends you flying to get knocked closer to them. Darkshine Knight is the best enemy to test regular counters against as he takes at least 200 damage extra from it, so it is easily visible when you get it.
  3. Only the cryptic nonsense in the monster_bosses.xls where even I half the time don't know wtf I meant... What special conditions do you mean exactly? Or could you give me an explicit example of what you'd like to have here?
  4. In so many words: both. Every monster HAS to be labelled with 1-3 element icons because that is what my function reads: the monster name (and those icons are part of it). Whether you know which monster name belongs to which sprite/target is another story sometimes... Every character has a minimum ability knowledge of !Fight, !Item and !Observe. The later tells HP and weaknesses but costs a turn. And you have to equip and use it of course. I'll maybe change it so that !Observe and its big brother give you a free turn afterwards.
  5. proof of concept No idea how far mostly unchanged enemy stats will let you get. Btw. if an enemy doesn't have any symbol in front of his name, he'll have unchanged resistances/weaknesses from vanilla. Otherwise it overwrites those values. How you know !item is on cooldown: The evils of math:
  6. 2) I don't know of any new summons there, Leviathan is definitly in SNES version. X-Fight, dual wield and Spellblade are currently crying in a corner from the nerf hammers; X-Fight no longer ignores def or evasion. Dual wield takes a 3/16 penalty to attack power. 2handed took a dive from x2 damage to +25% attack power. Spellblade is no more x2/3/4 with def=0 imba nonsense: tier1 just doubles damage, keeps def intact. Tier2 increases attack slightly and 0s def. Tier3 is somewhere inbetween. Apart from that, I HAVE to add a few items. Otherwise certain elements are just criminally underrepresented over long game stretches. You still can switch on the fly and be somewhat competent at it. Even at the bare minimum you have about 28~30 in a relevant STR/MAG stat. Add a bit gear with stat bonuses and you should be able to hit 40 without too much trouble. A specialist will be stronger, yes, I estimate about a 60~70 stat without min-max and overgrinding. (my math is based around the assumption that a player can finish with moderate levels of 30 char and 20ish class) Since STR/MAG is a linear factor in the damage formula he'll be 50~75% stronger. A bit much, sure, but those missing 20~30 points must be somewhere else; AGL? VIT? Nothing that hurts to have more. Maybe STR, but I planned to make that reduce weight a bit which means slightly faster ATB. MAG gives more max MP which can at least be useful if you plan to store a lot of turns at once for a big attack rush. Or just ask a bard to sing, that can increase strength and magic to 99. Does it even matter? The damage potential is absurdly high. Not in the damage cap sense but orders of magnitudes beyond that. At one point a thought experiment ended at 240k theoretical damage, not even sure how. 4) Not sure I know any of those games. At the end of the day "relics" are just equipment, hopefully with more "not just defense" variants.
  7. 1) it's not like the quick spell, it just makes you need 0 atb ticks to your next turn instead of whatever you have to wait based on haste/slow and agility. so if you use jump you still have the start-up delay, then the air time before the hit and only then makes it a difference; if you have 100 MP, those are used and you can act again right now if not, wait. there'll also be some "physical" spells to use the MP, not many just 2 sets of 8 "spells" (3 shared because the spell list is just that full already). 2) I don't like the advance version, dunno it just doesn't "click" with me, sound is weird and also: I have 0 idea about GBA assembly but a bit for SNES asm, call it a home advantage more content (classes, items) means more problems and redundancy; with the other class edits I already have trouble filling the base 21 classes with 7 non-trash abilities, adding another 4 classes... please no the snes game has a ton of more documentation this is my current class setup. each character got a "main" stat and a "secondary" (top), each class as well (left). If the primary match they get them (green), otherwise it is only a "priority" class but not must have. I mostly focused on preventing the broken combos that lead to the likes of Dual-Wield, X-Fight, Spellblade. The obvious problem being that little child Krile will replace the hardy Galuf but there are worse things in fiction than the little girl being the main tank. Currently every class can equip all items, has one fixed ability and minor stat adjustments; otherwise the player has 3 slots they can fill as they want. 3) I have no idea how I should treat mix and drink. Item has one cooldown per character, not per item. I just don't have much RAM. If you use a potion you can't use !item for 2~3 turns but the other characters still can, if you use a elixir you better not need an item any time soon from that character. I think !drink can just use a shared cooldown with !item and !mix gets to burn in hell has no cooldown but still uses items up. Or !mix gets dropped completely, that'd work too. MP doesn't change after battle since it gets reset on battle start anyway. Otherwise you could in use a tent for full MP heal and then start a boss battle with 10 turns on all 4 characters, yeah, no. For HP I went with 1/8 maxHP + 8 * (VIT - 22) 4) relics is just the same as armors, helms and relics were in vanilla. Some give just defense or stats, other cut MP cost in half, give status immunity, etc. Items with unique effects survive longer than just stat sticks. 5) keep in mind that !item is optional, so you can just be stuck with ineffective damage on a character. availability and weapon types are other problems; swords can be two handed, knives can't, so if you have to abandon the sword, you have to use a shield when you didn't want (or have) one or waste more class levels to learn dual wield parallel to two handed. jump builds will really hate trading a lance for a sword. also armors affect your elemental coverage in good and bad way. with a fire armor on, you take less damage from fire but more damage from water attacks. and you can't change armors in battle (or I missed the totally obvious thing for 15 years), only a shield for that purpose. 6) difficulty slider: lazy numeric increase/decrease for now message speed was doing nothing so there it has a use now 7) encounter rate slider: want to grind? set it to 1 want to run to the boss almost unhindered? set it to 6 (sacrificed not/barely working message and battle speed for that) I can maybe release a proof of concept this weekend, no promises.
  8. Nah, he's more of that; the AI is just hopeless around obstacles. Stats are even more OP than before. He's build around a proper duel including waiting for an opening and using it, Dark Souls style.
  9. v0.925 changed AI and stats of Darkshine Knight changed AI and stats of Koren Lord's final weapon "Sigmund" now strengthens Lv2/3 based on the target's attack power and puts the target into the counterable state Duelist's final weapon "Deathbringer" now increases Lv2/3 damage based on proximity to the target(s) Grand Divina's final weapon "Ganvantein" now grants saber effects when casting elemental spells on allies Archmage's final weapon "Spirit Cane" now allows spells to hit weaknesses for 200% damage instead of 150% added a variable bonus to counter attack power based on the target enemy, e.g. knights and crawler take a lot more bonus damage than mages increased attack strength of Bulette and Gold Bulette added magic damage to a couple status inflicting specials of regular enemies changed Grell's Funky Dance from "energy ball" to self heal changed Kerberos' and Firedrake's fire breath from inflicting dummy state to poison increased Harpy's Talon drain from 10% maxHP to 20% increased Carmilla Queen's Bloody Dance from 12.5% maxHP to 33% reduced Slime Prince's red glowing attack from 50% HP damage to 25% fixed a bug in counterattack timing fixed a bug that gave some enemies 0% chance to hit with status ailments in trap rooms one more boss, just one more boss till 1.0
  10. Did you use the normal difficulty patch in 0.87 but not with 0.9?
  11. Yes, and please mark it as spoiler, ty.
  12. I already tried to have a look at the controls to enable L/R/select switching off a character that is casting. the results were... weird. and headache inducing. So, probably not. Sorry. 999 damage is a reaction to something he did and you didn't do. Try to look closer what happens before the 1st and 2nd spiral moon. And then think of an "answer" to it. It shouldn't be spoiled too much if I say that any party composition can deliver that "answer".
  13. *sigh* I get this idea so often... the answer remains the same, no because: the game is already dieing when spells are used; just go 10h without save/load, just with savestates, the game will hard crash every other spell cast. I once read an article that this also happened on console. this would make it 10 times worse horribly unbalanced: if it works like in SOM1, target being completely frozen and everyone else can still act/attack, well, easy mode would be understatement of the year; also boring.
  14. It'll be a surprise to myself, too. I've currently no idea what to do with any of the missing class weapons. Or rather, no idea that I can code (RAM likes to be a limitation), is useful and not OP at the same time.
  15. I got FE:fates working on it, if that helps.
  16. v0.900, Lise/Hawk story complete changed AI and stats of Jagan changed AI and stats of Bigieu changed AI and stats of Archdemon Magus' final weapon "Dragon Rod" now allows multi-targetted damage spells to deal damage as if they were single-targetted Vanadise's final weapon "True Spear" now fakes the element of non-elemental spells according to the active saber element for resistance, weakness and immunity purposes but not absorb, reflect or hp/mp heal Starlancer's final weapon "Stargazer" now grants quick casting speed and a small increase to spell damage minor adjustment to defense calculation increased bonus from "magic up" weapons by 50% doubled heal bonus from Wendel armors fixed one instance of Gorva casting "Evil Gate" but announcing "Dark Force" fixed some weirdness with moon elemental spells, they no longer apply the damage to the wrong party (caster and target was switched since vanilla) fixed missing damage cap for regular attacks after day of week bonus fixed enemy HP getting capped at 999 after maxHP buffs moved 999 heal cap from before "pressure" penalty to afterwards, allowing honey to profit from stronger heal items if under the effect of this state well, complete minus two of Hawk's weapons, those are still to-do...
  17. I'd say go with normal. Easy is roughly where vanilla would sit, imo, and that is where I'd send a real beginner. Well, vanilla minus some crap with the vanilla Lv3 tech formula that had a chance to give you a gameover when two random endgame enemies decide to give their FST; you know the 500+ damage to the whole team, just because, even against maxed defense. In this hack, you should be able to survive two of those FSTs even on hard, at least if you've given defense some thought. On normal I already expect you to make use of buffs and/or debuffs. On hard they are the bare minimum later. If you find yourself needing to use a buff even for random fights come Lv50+, that is par for the course. Of course this isn't a free win. Dolan will probably win at least once even on the easiest setting. And to avoid the average "expert traps": black market no longer replaces party building, too expensive for 24/7 Lv1 techs aren't strictly safer to use, neither are Lv2/3 techs always superior, you may want to change those for some situations. the one or other boss "randomly" hitting for 999 is not a bug (de)buffs are not only for bosses Have fun.
  18. I ment in the same question field like with a html tag that has via css display set to none. That way a bot wouldn't know it has the wrong question because there is only one, but filled with humanly-not-visible garbage. It would still need rotating questions, else they'd just learn "on page ignore what the text field says and put answer xyz". Was just a silly idea.
  19. Maybe just a very simple question, but can you add hidden words to a question? E.g. the user sees "What is this website called?" but a bot that scans the code would see something like "What is (the favorite beer of) this website('s owner) called?" or some literally random trash string that gets generated new each time the site gets called