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  1. I have no idea. You could always go to the link and tell us yourself. I'll gladly edit the OP for other users to see.
  2. And starting yet another playthrough, this time of a mod that I waiting for it to get to its latest version! FFVII: New Threat is a fantastic mod and you shoudl all check it out! The playthrough has 2 videos already uploaded, and it will all have a YouTube playlist as usual, as well as all videos being uploaded to the Videos section of the site! Any comments, be sure ot leave them below and in the video itself!
  3. So, a year ago I quietly began brainstorming a FFT rebalance and reimagine project. I nearly completed all skillsets, and designed an original job tree, with growths and multipliers balanced between the jobs. now I'm sharing these notes with you guys for discussion, or for your own amusement. As I've said in the past, the very first step in a FFT serious project should be figuring out the job tree, and then rebalance the multipliers and growths, then make the skillsets, and then only then move on to everything else. The first 2 steps is eactly what I did, all in paper (or rather excel sheets). I balanced the jobs and multipliers by assigning a pointing system, distributing "100 points" to each class, making them excel in some form or another, and trying to add the most diversity and combinations between melee, magic, speed, so on adn so forth. You'll be able to see some things that I think are essential but haven't seen much in other FFT projects, like extremely low multipliers in MP and speed (but not static growths), a "circular" job tree, that combines melee and magic requirements, and classes differentiating themselves in unique ways, like the lowest tier of magician, Apprentice, actually having the most MP out of all classes, and many other little things that were neat ideas in concept. For easier visualitation I also had included which stats each job would have at level 1, at level 100 if leveled in their base Job, and at level 100 if leveled in the Druid Job, which had the most balanced (read as "average") growths, to see how multipliers worked alongside growths. If I ever decide to step forward and take back this challenge, well let this be a cool precedence, and a good thread for you guys to say how bad I am at rebalancing FFT. Also, please disregard any and all non-completed skillsets. That part was harder to figure out, and hey, if you guys want to tell me I should change this for that, or even design skillsets yourselves, I don't know. I'm open for ideas. Also, last note, in range you'll see different letters. I don't remember each. W was weapon, S was self (range around the caster), SS iirc was self, and only for the caster. Use your imagination and context and everything will make sense. Have a good week y'all. Job tree (notepad file) Skillsets, Growths and multipliers (Excel file)
  4. It does, because it has afaik most filters that you ask for. But hey, as I see it, you got exactly what you asked in record time.
  5. Since I haven't seen any responses from this (And the modder really doesn't want my opinion on the changes), I can safely assume that he will not be working on improving this to be anything near... Decent.
  6. Have you tried the Unread Content feature?
  7. Hey there! Yeah, there's been a lot of missing soldiers from ID since it fell down. Awesome to have you! We need more LPs, more threads, for everything!
  8. So, we like games. We like good games more, generally. And a game feels good to play when it feels like it has an appropiate difficulty, well planned and executed throughout the game. "Well planned and executed" is what we called "Difficulty Scope", and "Throughout the game" is called "Difficulty Curve". Those are basically the briefest definitions (or maybe explanations?) I can give about those two terms. With that in mind, we video gamers know quite a few of them. Which games are the best examples you can think of regarding good Difficulty Scope and good Difficulty Curve? Keep in mind a few things when posting: 1. We are not necessarily discussing the balance of the game. A game (especially a vanilla game) might have done overpowered or abusable mechanics, but the concepts might still apply. Also, this is not to show off e-peen points. Be objetive and rational. 2. Mods are included to add as examples (of course they are) 3. Optional / side / post game content can be excluded from your game if that makes a case for the game you're hinting. 4. Try to post opening it for discussion. Don't throw names without justification if possible. Ready? Go!
  9. Right. I think I knew and didn't remember. Was just curious.
  10. Btw where are you from tenka? Europe?
  11. Also, please confirm if you're Duffy Duck under that hood or not. It's been years and the suspense is killing me.
  12. Distribution of ROMs is prohibited in the forums. You may ask more about it in our Discord chat.
  13. Heyo heyo! It's time I posted this! Here's my on going playthrough of Monster Tactics, mod by Emmy from New Game + (wait, am I not in NG+? Ehem). This playthrough doesn't have any restrictions so far, but if you remember me from Insane Difficulty, you'll know that I love being challenged in FFT. So, if you guys want to see something a bit more original than a regular playthrough, let me know! The videos are all included in the videos section of the site, so I will only be posting updates of the playthrough, so as to not clutter the LP thread! Videos 1 to 4 are already uploaded! So far, the beginning is quite a bit overwhelming, with a first "tutorial" battle that is simply too much for a new player, regardless of your experience (or not) with tactical games like FFT, simply because there's too much information. From there on, Gariland and the consecuent battles follow a kind of steady, but good enough difficulty progression. We're still in the very beginning of the game (one of the things that I'm mostly looking for in this mod is getting to the newest chapter 5!), so stay tuned! I upload regularly, mostly one video per week, and I have various playthroughs going on at the same time, so if new videos take a bit to show up no worries, it's just because we gotta show some love for all the games!
  14. No idea there. I only know that qhimm is the place to go for a question like that.
  15. Hey there! Welcome to the forums. We have a forum dedicated to new / WIP projects, I'll be moving the thread there. Worry not though, your guess was the second-best anyway. About the mod, nice to see a FFVIII mod. However, there are some things that I'd object from the list of changes. The first thing I'm seeing is that you're aiming for a difficulty mod. Good, that's fine, I enjoy difficulty mods when done well. However, there are many issues qith FFVIII vanilla that don't seem to be addressed here, and will not make a good base game for a difficulty enhancement. Some of those are: a) The draw and stock system, which relies on tedious grinding on an already long game. b) Card Mod, which breaks pretty much any efforts to balance the game as it exists in vanilla. c) Squall, Zell, Irvine Limit Breaks as they are, are overpowered because of their multihit potential. d) General lack of stat rebalances throughout the game. The point is this: If you don't fix the above (which is only a sum up version of the problems with vanilla), then you'll lose a lot of players from your mod, because the base game itself won't be enjoyable. In the case of a difficulty mod, it gets worse, because the challenge will be reduced to knowing how to exploit an engine, instead of coming up with legitimate strategies. Now, suppose you fixed all of those previous to this post. There's still a lot of changes in your change list that I'd object are not gonna make an enjoyable game (and again, this comes from a player who has played and enjoyed a ton of difficulty mods, and even has created one): 1) This one is perfectly fine, part of a rebalance, which I said is needed. 2) Same deal. Part of the focus on a difficulty mod, to spice battles up. 3) Having an optional zone with enemies at level 100 is fine in concept, because it's left as a place with optional challenges that won't halt progress from the player. Now, what I'd suggest is differentiating the Island Closest to Heaven and Hell. Maybe making one of them replay bosses in higher levels, and the other one unique enemies? The problem is, adding Omega and Ultima weapon isna silly idea, because you're essentially removing the magic out of the optional dungeons, and you're adding fights that will be way too long for a world map battle. I wouldn't step into.an area where I'll have random battles that take more than 10 minutes. It sounds tiring and tedious to the player. I see a tendency towards bringing tedium towards the player, which you should avoid at all costs, because it makes your game more tempting to be replayed. 4) Al level 100 in a dungeon is silly. You're forcing the player to grind to progress with no reason whatsoever. That already turns me off of playing the mod (And I'm sure people here would agree on that). Keep all battles throughout the game with levels balanced with the party level, or keep them with static levels, but it's a really bad design choice to change between the two, and even worse to change between the two and force grinding to the max level. 5) That's just a change seeking flavour, no comments can be made of that, ir you're looking to use it to rebalance the game. 6) Again, forcing level 100 is bad. Also, increasing stats just because is bad. Try to rebalance the bosses and make the battles more engaging (AI script changes would be a much finer solution to make the bosses more unique). That change also makes me not even try your mod. Hope that helps.
  16. Are you ready for the Necrosis challenge?

    Sega Chief is known not only for being fond of cactuars and good gameplay mods, but also for his affection towards good, old school, self-imposed challenges. What would happen if we combined those things? Meet Final Fantasy VII: True Necrosis, a mod in which the player must deal with unique specific conditions, such as the inability to heal HP or MP throughout the game! Are you willing to accept the challenge? Download the mod! Link: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/files/file/44-final-fantasy-vii-true-necrosis/ Also, join the discussion for his newest WIP, which is in the brainstorm stage, Final Fantasy VIII: New Threat! Link: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/forums/topic/181-new-ff8-mod-new-threat-discussion-thread/
  17. Gotta second this playlist, it's always been pretty good. Pass the rum.