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Got the Falcon. After the nightmare I just went through, everything here was a breeze. Only death was b/c I decided to play around with the Tentacles. (Double speed with lots of enemies is honestly somewhat scary. Most of my trouble was me dorking around with elemental attacks though).




Burning House: Kusarigama + Black Belt swept this place real easy.

Serpent Trench: Drain Weapons (Blood Sword and Ocean Claws) + Black Belt + Zombie immunity (Seraph and Spirit Ring) handled everything. Blood Sword + Black Belt felt very important for the brief Celes solo portion, lest she get killed before she can do anything.

Phunbaba: Same as above. Phunbaba's fast enough that I had to actually use some healing and buffs (Haste). Gasp!

Figaro Cave/Castle: Kusarigama + Falchion + Black Belt Celes is probably the first time I've seen Celes actually kick butt in this portion of the game. Normally she's just sits around and casts Cure while Sabin does the heavy lifting. I even fought the Robot x3 encounter, something I normally flee from lest I eat a high damage Exploder. (Side note: Stray nulls the stupid Imp status of the Robots and Humpties).

Tentacles: I berserked Celes (Kusarigama only). That's a strategy I've never seen before. Oh, also tried to really, really memorize which Tentacle is weak to what. If it isn't obvious, I gave up on that and just berserked Celes.

Daryl's Tomb: Flametongue + Fire Claws + Fire Lance = killing the undead for good. Tried a Cover + Counter + dual-wield Fire Lance strategy for an alternative dps to Jump; a couple of Orogs put an end to that real quickly.

Chesticle: Kusarigama Celes did the most damage. That's a first.

Dullahan: Died under an onslaught of Flametongue + Fire Claws. Edgar & Setzer ran healing.

Shopping: I'm swimming in GP b/c I'm not buying stuff I'd normally buy. (Full set of status immunity relics, full stock of items, actually thinking about my purchases and selling old equipment, etc). Don't have enough for Crystal equipment though.




Celes - So far, I'm satisfied with the new Paladin Celes. She does good damage, she's got Cure, and she's got decent HP and defenses. Next up is playing with the new Rune Edge and Leo's Crest. ^ _ ^ Honestly, I should've tried Cover + Counter in Daryl's Tomb as an alternative to Power Glove + Black Belt. Otoh, I would've had to take off the Mystery Veil for actual defense (Genji Helm), so I don't think it would've really helped her dps. Sides, it was easy peasy anyways, so w/e.

Edgar - No one here is in any danger of dying from physicals except fools who try to face-tank lots of physicals without a shield. : / I'm worried Unicorn Edgar is gonna drop off at this point. He could prove useful if the team is running 2 frail characters with no Image support. Without the Gungnir though, I doubt he'll be able to both Cover safely and Counter fish while two-handing for decent damage. : / I've given him some Palidor ELs so that he's not totally specialized in Unicorn. Probably should've given him Siren instead, since this build is more of a support build anyways. (Which now makes me curious as to how a 10 Unicorn / 10 Siren build turns out. Basically mag Edgar with a side of Cover. Might honestly be a better idea than what I'm here).

Setzer - Seraph Setzer is best Setzer. I'll go Owzer's first so that I can start building stamina, but I don't think I'll esper reset away those 10 Seraph ELs. For one, GP Toss is ultra powerful now. For two, I saw Anima Zero running stam Setzer without GP Toss, and want to try it for myself.

Nothings set in stone, but I think the first things I do in the WoR after my initial sweep of everything is to clear Owzer's Mansion, then get Cyan and clear his Soul, and then finish up Narshe. The first to Strago, Relm, and Starlet. Second and third are so that I can esper reset asap - former to use Phantom Celes & vig Cyan (both with lots of Alex), latter to use Terrato Sabin. Oh, and I'll start using Gau and Mog now that I have Fenrir and Palidor.


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In the end, I only beat him using kaizo strats (aka, save states). Part of my problem was learning the hard way that BTB recently changed Phunbaba's script to favor an all-in offensive tactic. But...the other half of the problem is that Phunbaba is a luck-based fight at fair levels. : / I had to luck-out with the glitched Hurricane that only blows away one party member, leaving me a full team for Phunbaba. I also had to get lucky with how often Phunbaba attacked Terra, since Fire 2 - didn't have Fire 3 b/c underleveled, : ( - was my best offense, with Bum Rush in second. Also had to get lucky in who was kept after Hurricane, esp. for any poor unfortunate soul who tries to do this without the "Randomly keep 3 party members"  glitch.

Phunbaba, alongside Hell Angel & Soul Train, have been the only battles so far that I felt have been totally and completely luck-based. Everything else has been beatable with the correct strategy, even Dadaluma and Atma.

Whelp, now I can finish sweeping the WoR before going into Owzer's.


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