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2 hours ago, Bropedio said:

I just finished my first playthrough of BNW. FF6 has been my favorite game for as long as I can remember, but I can safely say I will never play the vanilla game again -- it's BNW from here on out. What an incredible achievement. Thank you so much for making it!

BUGS (possibly)
* While fighting magic pots in the cultist tower, I used a warp whistle with Relm, then selected Setzer's slot command. The warp whistle executed while the slots were still open, and the game locked up.
* I used Shadow extensively in the end game, and despite parrying many physical attacks, I never saw Interceptor in Kefka's tower. I can't recall whether I saw Interceptor in the WOR at all. Is it possible that Shadow lost Interceptor status somehow, or could there be another explanation?
* I also encountered the reflected raze soft lock in the Phoenix Cave that someone else mentioned. However, the soft lock never resolved -- I tried fast forwarding for a very long time.
* At one point on the Veldt, I started encountering battles with every single step (6+ in a row, until I got to my airship). I did not apply the separate encounter-rate patch.

* I learned all of my magic a bit too quickly -- I think it would be more rewarding if it took longer to buy each spell, and you were forced to think more carefully about which spell to buy, when.
* Myria and Yeti were BY FAR the most difficult boss battles for me. Perhaps I was not paying enough attention to countering behavior, or perhaps they are slightly unbalanced.
* I was disappointed by the final boss battle, which didn't seem to require specific strategies.
* I generally loved the script modifications, including Relm's potty-mouth, with the sole exception of her calling Ultros a "douche", which seemed too anachronistic, somehow.

Thanks again -- I'm looking forward to my next playthrough already!

Hey, glad you enjoyed things.

The Slots softlock is new to me. I wonder if it's something that was present in vanilla, or if it's related to de-rigging. I'd wager the former.

Nowea already answered the question about Interceptor. One alternative is to let Shadow die and then Relm inherits him. Her evasion is much lower, so Interceptor is a big more aggressive in defending her.

I thought I'd removed all instances of potential softlocks... or it might have just been in the FT. In any case, I'll look into it.

Hey, @Mishrak someone else got the "1-step battle" thing, too. I wonder if it has anything to do with @Think0028's RNG patch? Would be really curious to see if Seibaby's encounter patch prevents it, if we could find a reliable way to replicate the setup.

I agree that magic comes quickly, and that in a way having to learn them through spell points is a token pittance that the player must pay. The problem is that, when you multiply it by 12 characters, even a small bit of grinding can take awhile. I'd rather err on the side of not making players take too long to get their attacks. There's still the issue of spell points waning in usefulness later on except to act as a multiplier for EP... I remember thinking once of a system that would allow you to spend banked spell points on MP restoration, but I never chased up on it.

Myria is a cunt, but a lot of her shit is avoidable. Yeti is a one-trick pony, but he does that one trick very well. Go in with physical defense/evasion and ice/wind defense and he's a cakewalk.

Heh. Relm calling Ultros a douche is basically this scene right here:



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I suppose this one's not so much a bug as an oversight, and a pretty edge-case one at that, but – if you go back to Narshe with Shadow in your party during the search for Terra, he'll keep his equipment when he leaves, and the unequip NPC in Narshe won't be able to remove his loadout.


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