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  1. @blackcat777 for the moment I have some of the starting weapons, but I haven't used them to gain some stats for the weapons themselves. I haven't played again, yet. I'm juggling between; making a game, playing SRW A, and playing this hack. EDIT: Thank god I got that giant hammer in the locked room. How much HP does this second fucking dragon have? He hits harder than any of the other bosses so far...and damn that tail attack, one shot and I'm dead, if I don't avoid it (which is 90% of the time).
  2. Shit just got real, you had me lol'ing so hard. So kids, don't do Windows 10.
  3. Did know, at least tone down his own cheesiness? (I fucking hate his insta-death normals) Too bad on the evasions tho, well I'll just wait for the day that the modding scene matures for that to happen. Yiazmat is my only gripe, thanks for clearing that out. Oh and I'd like to one shot that a-hole for once, 1 HP isn't that bad.
  4. I'm a returning player, but I got lost in the forest maze...didn't read a guide and just, well...left it. I knew about Risk, but had to be sure about Agility. I planned to go with heavy equipment...but I guess boss fights are centered more on rushing DPS than ever. Right, distance isn't an issue...I got Braveheart on my shield tho, but, I'll try to change my grips. I never knew that the grips where the ones with slots.
  5. Oh I see, I thought it only affected the attack strength of enemies. I don't actually know the game inside-out, sorry. Also is agility tied to accuracy? I dunno what to do with my shit accuracy with the body of the golem using my Pink-something (forgot the name of the club), is it just because the body is far above me that I have low accuracy on it -- or is there anything I can do to increase it? Your mod feels Dark Souls-ish, take this as a compliment.
  6. The thing about Degenerate is...I don't seem to feel or see that it works, I tried degen-ing the lizardmen but I still get hit pretty hard, up to a 100. Dunno if my armor is the culprit but I seem to have lower defense even when I degenerate an enemy.
  7. Looking good, didn't know you could do this overhaul in SRPG, looking forward to playing it once its finished.
  8. Can you give me some tips on the second boss battle? Its like the gargoyle asses in DS1 all over again. only this little shit hits all body parts and kills me in one hit. EDIT: Oh god, finally beat him, just had to rush my dps a bit. UPDATE: Okay I'm at the Golem boss right now, I'm wondering how I'm gonna dish out some damage to this son of a bitch, I just died from him and was dealing 13 damage on his body and 1 on all other body there a trick here?
  9. Everything was fine till I saw a new mod I swear.
  10. Thanks for indulging my nitpick. I'll try out the mod once I get the chance.
  11. I downloaded the mod, just a lil' nitpick, there's no version number on the file; so I can't be visually sure on what version this is.
  12. Also just to clarify: Yiazmat doesn't have double HP, right? (Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!) And about evasion...does it still, suck? In the late game I mean.
  13. Holy. Shit. I don't have the PC version but I'd try this once I get a copy!
  14. What are your planned features since 1.9 is one step closer (yeah I am hoping that 1.9 is the last tune-up patch before 2.0)? Any optional bosses (super bosses I hope)? QoL changes? Anything?
  15. Unfortunately no, you can only turn off experience gain and that's it.
  16. For once in my life I want to see something finished by me (well except college, that's a different story). And I hope you guys can help me along the way. Here's the rough draft of what I'll be making with the game, hopefully more ideas will come my way: Re-balance jobs (maybe some stat improvements or downgrades) and job tree Re-balance enemies (stats, equipment and abilities) -- this is to avoid playing it only in hyper-offensive teams rather than a mix or defensive teams. Re-balance some of the equipment. Spells will generally be faster as to avoid being not used for the majority of the game. Make status spells GREAT AGAIN. (Aiming for 60-80% chances, need some insight on this) Get rid of/balance broken shit. Make all encounters go on average level with your party. (I think I'll have bosses start with +5 levels or something, thoughts?) Make NPC's controllable. Implement a Exp/JP ASM hack if needed. Credits to Emmy of course. EDIT: for now this project is on hiatus, all my focus is currently on an RPG I am making
  17. That's a feature of the mod, read the first post.
  18. The pressure is on!
  19. All of your ideas are noted, thanks!
  20. Yeah, I'm not gonna go crazy on re-balancing the jobs, just a few tweaks to my liking. That's the plan. I'd like to have a game where diverse setup is better than sticking to one thing and one thing only. Well I mostly want some early game ways to inflict status effects and such. Yeah that, I'll just see what I can do with the things I'm doing right now. This is before evasion mind you, so yeah, I think this would equate to 50-65% but not sure yet. For the most part I really want to make it hit, so I'll see what happens. I don't like broken random things so yeah, I will remove it. This is mostly for early game. Have second thoughts on this as well. But I'll test it out just for the heck of it. Yeah I'll take your word on this. I'm planing to have a compressed list rather than repetitive spells that just gives more AoE. I'll see what I can do about it after a few tests. I'd like to see more choices. So try first before anything else. Thanks for the insight!
  21. It looks cool and interesting, is it just me or does the Japanese version look cleaner and simpler than the US version?
  22. Ah, I have to see this, gonna check youtube or some shit. EDIT: Interesting and cool, is it just me or does the Japanese version of the game looks cleaner than the US version?
  23. Huh? Really? Didn't know that. Wait you are talking about FFT right?
  24. Ohh right, Bad Breath is learnable, forgot about that. Thanks for the tip!
  25. Awww too who else would make a slow team work? Edgar perhaps? Or just basically leave room for a super fast damage dealer/support?