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  1. Thinking of giving this mod a shot. But before that tho, this is the SD3 JP with english patches right? So I should patch a clean ROM first then add the English patch, etc., etc.?
  2. Well yeah this, but still like the idea of random stat gains since its like you were a kid again not caring for min/maxing shit. Well if it works its not stupid. Its better to give an idea a shot rather than not trying at all.
  3. Sounds great. But the stat system is like those grind fest MMO equipment enchantment, interesting but still would prefer a progression rather than a random number, maybe lower the chance of getting a very bad roll? Or better yet no rolls of 0?
  4. Is this for PC/Steam or PSX?
  5. Are the FF8 editors for PC/Steam or PSX versions?
  6. Whoops, guess mine was a bad patch, re-patched it but haven't tested it. Strange...the nATB doesn't work, I am patching from a clean unheadered rom. Don't know what's wrong >_> Tried on one more rom that I just downloaded now...the nATB doesn't work.
  7. That sounds interesting. And btw do you have a copy of the nATB patch? Dunno if mine is outdated or not.
  8. Just finished the cosmo canyon scenario, the boss was an easy battle for me. I'm at Mt. Nibel now, should I be fighting the Powersoul Keeper? I tried and didn't make a dent.
  9. Hello, i just registered in the forum, was a member on ID formerly known as CrazyClown, well I was a lurker for the most part of my stay. Just started on your mod and loving most of it. Some impressions/thoughts on my play-through are: 1. The bosses in the beginning are kinda like scrubs...or is it just me? Hard hitting yeah but easy to deal with for most of the fight (especially Rufus). 2. What's the deal with the giant crane/robot/errr thing in the shinra building? Is it like a optional boss or something?
  10. Well for me its not the HP I think its just right...Vector just attacks fast and sometimes the timing messes me up. Ah so no more fine tuning of characters? Thanks for the tip.
  11. Fort condor is really hard...harder than I remember on my last vanilla play-through or is my memory just bad? Are the rewards missable and are they worth it? I know the last reward is the phoenix materia but other than that I can't remember what the others were.
  12. Now its getting interesting, I'm at the cargo ship and the difficulty just spiked. Jenova VECTOR is one bad ass mofo, is he fast as hell or the attacks he has just multi-hit? Edit: Kinda underwhelmed with the dps of Yuffie.
  13. Ah, I see, but still would have loved to see some interesting mechanics there. So that's how it is, I was wondering why it hit so hard, seemed so out-of-place. Good thing it didn't have a game over flag. So you said in another thread that this mod is finished? Is it a hundred percent or do you plan to tweak some things?