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  1. It looks cool and interesting, is it just me or does the Japanese version look cleaner and simpler than the US version?
  2. Ah, I have to see this, gonna check youtube or some shit. EDIT: Interesting and cool, is it just me or does the Japanese version of the game looks cleaner than the US version?
  3. Huh? Really? Didn't know that. Wait you are talking about FFT right?
  4. Ohh right, Bad Breath is learnable, forgot about that. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Awww too who else would make a slow team work? Edgar perhaps? Or just basically leave room for a super fast damage dealer/support?
  6. Cool didn't know that, is it a Esper learnable spell? Don't have the printme right now.
  7. IMO BNW punishes slow teams harshly especially in WOR. I was using Terra, Strago, Cyan and Relm in my current run and they get rekt pretty much all the time. Is there any way to not suck when you're as slow as a snail?
  8. Really interested in this mod project. Any updates? New videos? Anything?
  9. Yes this does sound interesting. It is like a follow-up to the esper innate bonuses. Only this is powered by NPC's. Let's wait and see for BTB's reply on this though. Oh btw, Gungho is Jenkins right?
  10. Well like I said never played it. Would like to see that BNW style.
  11. So its absolutely bull? Well no worries. But will it be possible to get a gauntlet-like dungeon where you get to fight some of the game's bosses, on steroids?
  12. Ahh I see. Should have some text in the readme for that tho, the current one just doesn't describe the patch in detail.
  13. Never played the advanced version so...was it that bad? Really?
  14. Well I wish you luck on the stat system and hopefully we'll get some kind of a demo when everything is in place.
  15. Oh, so that's it...and btw happy fun times is kinda vague? Is it for difficulty or some other thing?
  16. OK cool, just patched the game, now what are the misc patches for? Some are obvious but two of them not so much. Edit: Oh never mind found it in the readme. What does PIE mean?
  17. This is what I am dreading from random stats. But if it has no zero rolls then the problem could be avoided I think.
  18. How would I know if it is unheadered? What's the file size if it is?
  19. Thinking of giving this mod a shot. But before that tho, this is the SD3 JP with english patches right? So I should patch a clean ROM first then add the English patch, etc., etc.?
  20. Well yeah this, but still like the idea of random stat gains since its like you were a kid again not caring for min/maxing shit. Well if it works its not stupid. Its better to give an idea a shot rather than not trying at all.
  21. Sounds great. But the stat system is like those grind fest MMO equipment enchantment, interesting but still would prefer a progression rather than a random number, maybe lower the chance of getting a very bad roll? Or better yet no rolls of 0?
  22. Is this for PC/Steam or PSX?
  23. Are the FF8 editors for PC/Steam or PSX versions?
  24. Whoops, guess mine was a bad patch, re-patched it but haven't tested it. Strange...the nATB doesn't work, I am patching from a clean unheadered rom. Don't know what's wrong >_> Tried on one more rom that I just downloaded now...the nATB doesn't work.