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  1. 1) no 2) it activates the timer during which a Lv1 tech would count as a counter 3) yes
  2. Chibikko gives exp but not the value of the original enemy; the state basically erases the original enemy and spawns a new one. In vanilla this enemy type had 0% exp rate, here it has about 40%.
  3. It is just more atk, less def.
  4. It seems like your overthinking this? Unless you're playing on hard the differences shouldn't matter too much. Just go with your intuition. If you're really unsure - go with 1 and you essentially can't die with all the healing, imo a good way to earn some play experience.
  5. Changing the translation is not an option since... 750 updates? Also its not the original Dejap translation.
  6. Sorry but both light Hawks are at the 12 spell cap - I can't add additional spells for them.
  7. You kinda forgot anti-magic and aura wave in your list of things to cover. I think my design idea was more that there is so much stuff you "need" that it is impossible to cover everything all the time. And then have the player play around whatever they had to leave out. Duelist fits relatively easy into teams with his sabers, aura wave, anti magic and strong mt tech. For me the hardest classes to fit into a team were dark Kevin (mostly dark Duran with a bit more damage and less spells), dark Lise (there are a lot of alternatives with the full debuff set but light Lise has the only full buff set, so light is usually better) and light Hawk (usually too niche for what I want to do). I'll be honest; for me SD3 held promise but never delivered on it. If you play normally and don't go out of your way to grind you probably won't see the second class change. Half the options are bugged (e.g. energy ball, wolf form, saber spells) or downright detrimental (Lv2/3 techs, damage spells trigger counter attacks and are barely more damaging than swinging a stick once) and balance... needs some work (damage scaling for dual-hitters; you can debuff bosses to deal negligible damage but run into endgame ninja master and your party can randomly eat 500+ damage multitarget damage before you can ready your weapon). And the thing where in battle you're unable to move faster than a snail while enemies clearly can...
  8. Duelist (saber, anti-magic, aura wave), Necromancer (debuffs), Vanadise (buff, heal) Lord (heal, def/speed up, life booster, energy ball), Bishop (heal, def up, magic shield, saber), DragonMaster (debuffs, anti-magic, lunatic, sleep)
  9. yes no is the edit button broken?
  10. 5 are missing. And I've concepts for them already. Just not 100% I can make all those mechanics or if I have enough usable ability ids... Lord Dark Knight Vampire Magus Sage
  11. Next up is the Arcanist, gained at the 4th crystal. learns skills in order: !Psych, !Arcane, Y-Magic, !Mystic, MindUp !Arcane - a set of 8 spells, this time the gimmick is that they only perform well under certain conditions ChainBolt: attack power increases with number of targets GrimWail: damage increases if target has status ailment L4 Arctic: affects enemies with level dividable by 4, ice elemental flare Slay: x4 damage against human enemies Ancient: level based damage, chance to inflict old Sludge: level based damage, chance to inflict poison OddFlare: affects enemies with odd remaining health, casts flare XXXX: instantly kill target if at or below 3000 HP !Mystic - same deal, for technical reasons I can only use exactly 8 spells per spell set, so... yeah... SineShot: power fluctuates along a sine curve based on passed ATB ticks in current battle Synchro: try to inflict most status ailments that plague your team on the target (only blind, poison, mini, toad, petrify, mute, berserk, charm, paralyze, sleep, old, slow, stop) L3 Toxic: affects enemies with level dividable by 3, poison elemental flare Crusher: deals damage equal to target's max HP - current HP (same as the blue spell of this name) VoidElem: party gains one-time shield (1/4 damage) against any element the caster was at least resistant to; does not apply against attacks with pierce passive or those absorbed Twilight: punches someone in the face when they mention a book level based damage, chance to inflict sleep EvenNuke: affects enemies with even remaining health, casts wind elemental counterpart to flare Cleanse: remove status damage and HP leak (same effect as white/pure has now) new skills are unlocked just by gaining total job levels, the job is imo hard enough to master, doesn't need a more involved unlock process
  12. v0.766 added abilities for Arcanist job failure to inflict a status effect now instead generates "status damage" equivalent to status chance / 4 status damage is reset to 0 the next time a status effect succeeds existing status damage is added to the raw chance to suffer a status effect status damage is shared across all status effects and unique for each unit greatly increased effect of status resistance (from equip or monster species) on chance to suffer from a status effect monster no longer have any native specific status resistance when a monster receives a non-self inflicted status effect it gains the status resistance to that ailment after losing a live, monster lose status resistance to some types; if remaining lives are odd, those of fire, ice, bolt and wind type, else the rest changed monster skill circle from non-elemental "remove from battle" effect to a regular ice-type death effect x-zone, doom and HP-to-1 share the resistance with regular death effect reflect ring now only grants wall status for one reflect wall status duration gets reduced by half each time a spell is reflected simplified rule for spell reflection; now only white/black and time spells are reflectable except those that create physical phenomenon (quake, comet,..), HP/MP steal and dispel against spell damage monster now use p.evade or m.evade whichever is lower instead of always m.evade; m.evade is intended as generic status resistance increased accuracy of Finesse/Weaken from 127 to 255 increased accuracy of Esemte/Size Up from 100 to 127 fixed stomps defense pierce property fixed twincuts damage property (75% damage instead of 50% attack x 200% damage = no change) reduced X-Magic power from 13/16 to 3/4 mute now also reduces magic base damage by 25% and magic heal power by 50% white/heal and white/dispel are now affected by masscast; animations had to be changed added a delay to the first monster turn; 30 atb ticks for fixed encounters (bosses) and [10..70] for random formations (each monster gets its own penalty) berserk status no longer alters monster ai berserk status now makes the target give and take 50% more damage new icons for earth and belt - blame BlackLiquidSorrow increased rate at which BraveBlade loses attack from 1 per escape to 20 on the first escape and 15 on subsequent escapes to a minimum of 1 attack power reduced Merugene's HP and removed her (scannable) weakness, now only neutral to those elements changed HP calculation from baseHP*(VIT+32)/32 to baseHP*(VIT+40)/64 increased baseHP by level from (Lv1..30..99) 120..1534..2066 to 200..2000..3000 reduced monster STR/MAG stat growth (Lv60 base is down from 57 to 43) reduced monster AGL growth (Lv60 base is down from 36 to 31) reduced monster EXP growth (Lv60 base is down from 883 to 501) white/pure now cures HP leak and status damage white/blink and !image now only give 1 image instead of 2 reduced cost of white/blink from 17 to 12 changed GilToss damage to 130 power VIT based physical earth spell
  13. Major features: added around 70 new spells, including some physical-like techs that even Guy can learn learning new spells gives slight increases to stats modified base stats and growth of characters stat potions can no longer drop from enemies; those drop now fruits for capsule mosnter (CM) evolving added a true final boss fight with "Guard Daos" after Daos major overhaul of AI for final Sinistral fights Retry and Gift Mode are now always available Retry Mode is now Hard Mode, 2x exp/gold gain and enemies are stronger (less grind, more action) rings and rocks are now the same equip type and can occupy either of their two slots, e.g. you can wear 2 rings, 2 rocks or 1 each modified defense influence; starts with 1:1 until def = 50% raw damage then degenerates CM level is now tied to Maxim's exp/level modified CM attacks and AI slightly, e.g. Darbi can now even flee in class 5 and class 4 Flash is more likely to heal when injured class 4 and 5 CM are much less likely to use regular attacks CM can freely switch between all 5(!) classes once unlocked instead of being locked to class 1-4 OR 5 (S) Witch Ring now increases MP as advertised 25% of ATP bonuses from equipment get also added to INT 25% of DFP bonuses from equipment get also added to MGR note: NOT compatible with vanilla savegames!
  14. Not really, I'd say he's good enough as is. At his basic he's already a top tier fighter, basically #2 after Kevin. 3/4 classes are basically Angela light in terms of nuking. Ninja Master can turn FenrirKnight Lise into a decent healer if both have their final weapons. The dark classes are already an easy pick for most teams as they cover debuffs and lots of damage options. I've a strict no for further characters to have both heal and anti-magic at the same time - that's paladin's niche - so no for Wanderer. And rogue... he'd just be another Grand Divina. Not everyone needs to cover all the fundamentals, that's what the rest of the team is for. Wanderer Hawk covers more niche tactics. Have you ever considered casting Lunatic on your team? Try it against certain bosses that love their fraction damage moves. Or the opposite, Life Booster on the boss - helps with reaching the 320 damage cap for Half Vanish and has some affects on enemy AI; ever had trouble with a boss that has a desperation move that heals him above the threshold and then lets him do it again *cough*black rabite*cough* you can use Life Booster to trigger that move when you are ready, not the boss. Admittedly I never knew what to do with Rogue - tons of unique spells, most stuck as ST because of animations with at most a debuff making him just another Nightblade. Probably the hardest class to include in a team. Though Heal Light just wouldn't fit into the class image I think. If I "had" the option I'd have taken Heal Light from Kevin - but there's little else that fits his classes, so we're stuck at 5/6.
  15. it was useless in vanilla; it did only half of what mind up does and can never be multi-target, also you can just buy mind up for almost nothing in the black market.
  16. do you mean Bishop's magic shield spell?
  17. it should be mind up on caster but def down on target that affect the damage of his spells
  18. All spells that deal damage based on STR, AGL or LUCK work against physical defense (STR is used on almost all boss-exclusive spells, nowhere else). Consumable items deal damage based on the caster's level. The Lv1-3 notifier is also used for spells and represents relative strength; around +15% for each half level.
  19. 1) Freya and non-elemental throw items; also several enemies are immune to chibikko state 2) yes, even without any class change at all 3) that was an old patch probably 4) yeah typo 5) I set them to hidden
  20. there's a post edit function for a reason... I'm quintuple post blind, sorry
  21. no it's fixed 320 - or 400 on luna day
  22. 1) I didn't measure the dps, though you'd best pair him with Ninja Master for the analyze crit (de)buff and throw a lot of luck stat and crit gear on him. 70~80% crit rate? forgot how high but at least 50%+ 2) no, I remembered wrong, the MP thing was a weapon design I thought of at one point but dropped. 3) give him his final weapon and he'll deal around buffed Angela level of spell damage to later bosses if not more. 4) only what is in the zip file
  23. The bonus boss is clearly too easy, you didn't even have to revive 2 people with one cast of Valor.
  24. it should be 1 TP = 1 effective PIE
  25. errr that sounds like you had still "old" save data (like pre v6) in there; did you patch a new version of the mod over an old one?