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  1. Yeah, in general watch what "day" it is in the menu; if it matches to the element the boss uses change it ASAP because it boosts all damage of that kind. Stay at an INN, use dreamsee herbs or just run another round to the dungeon. That won't help much; I changed AI behaviour, stats AND weaknesses. Btw. the stove is weak to ice and earth, most classes can abuse the later weakness earlier so I gave him both. If you don't have diamond saber, buy the respective claw in the black market in byzel for your main attacker. Also, be happy: in the original you fight a second much tougher boss right after with no option to leave inbetween.
  2. I can't add more slots but what I did was that in-battle passive abilities are replaced with certain active abilities, specifically with !Item, !Fight, !Brave (take two actions now, double delay until next turn), !Scan in that order whichever you don't have yet. So if you put on your Thief: !Steal (always set because of class) Politics (passive that gives you 2x items on steal and from victory spoils) Counter Evade you can in-battle select from: !Steal !Brave !Fight !Item but still get the benefits from the 3 passive skills. Innate abilities now count for all classes, not only for Mime and Freelancer. As for knowing which are innate: Plus Freelancer is not selectable once you have switched. Well, in short every class is like the vanilla Mime. I hope that answers that slightly.
  3. Yes. weird, I could have sworn the former had the other kind No, they are fire elemental and hit against physical defense. You can use them against fire absorbing enemies after you use anti-magc on them. Only then will the debuff work.
  4. No, no, no! Poison is the right answer! ESPECIALLY against their boss! a: no b: that is not how counters work anymore in this hack with saber your regular attack will be physical element AND the saber's element, multiplicatively. So you'll deal 1.5 times 0 damage.
  5. There are two basic types of physical "immunity". One that has an immunity to physical (meaning half taken damage early game and quartered for high tier enemies) like a fire elemental is immune to fire - those can be removed with anti-magic and bypassed with weapons like Acala, Pain Tooth and Satan Flail. The other, rarer kind (afaik only one very late boss) has maxed out physical defense, the same stat armors give you. Here anti-magic is useless. You can theoretically increase your attack value high enough to bypass that with very specific items but any such setup leaves you a one hit wonder. Jutsus are still physical attacks but not "physical element". Meaning they are ok against the first kind but useless against the second kind.
  6. I just have LunarIPS set as default for .ips files. Then a double click on an ips file opens the dialog where I have to choose the ROM, select it, press ok, done. No renaming or deleting. Also you can patch the difficulty patches over each other, no need to keep 5 separate ROMs.
  7. I'd guess it turns a weak and useless move into a weak and useless move that takes ages to complete (weren't there timed missions?) that ALSO are weaker than before because they have to go through defense twice. At least I assume that defense is linear subtraction here, don't know much about this game.
  8. No, the optional stuff has to go last. I basically create some "do nothing" instructions where the function calls of the optional patches will go. The optional patches just replace "do nothing" with a function call. But if you apply the main patch it will write the "do nothing"s again there. May I ask what is troublesome about this process? Usually you'd just need to double click the patch and then select the ROM.
  9. v1.032 increased monster level on Golden Road where you only need to go later from 10 to 13 fixed bug that allowed to "sell death penalty" fixed bug that added armors when selling with a character that has death penalty reduced cost of Stone Cloud, Stun Wind, Cold Blaze and Blaze Wall from 10 to 9 in RAM the next entry after the 8th armor is the death penalty. When you sell armor it moves all "armors" behind the sold one one slot in front so there are no gaps. Except SD3 goes one slot too far. So it moves the death penalty into the 8th armor slot. It is all numbers in the end, so "died but slept in an inn" is the same as Duran's first helm, "died, slept, than died once more but did not sleep" is "Silver Circlet". Makes perfect sense. To the game at least.
  10. Is this reproducable on that savegame? If so and it is is not a savestate, please send me the .srm file, that contains the normal savegames. anyone that was around back when - do you remember when you could sell "time"? (the timer for MP regen) this time you're basically selling death
  11. Weapon delay is not really in frames but "process units". Those have a varying length, I think you can get about 30 per second of those. With lag the amount goes down a lot. Strong attack simply doubles the delay.
  12. Then tell me how to reproduce it. I tried - for 3 hours. No bug.
  13. I'm afraid I need more info here before this turns into casttime 2.0 ... Do those only appear in the armor tab? Any rough idea what actions happened before then? Only Leather Visor and Silver Circlet or other too? Do they get added or overwrite existing items? Also, the hold X the skip animation patch also makes cutscene "spell animations" and boss explosions skippable just as normal spells, whoops?
  14. Still don't see it.. You've noticed that each character has their own unique equipment inventory and the buy/sell system handles like crap?
  15. You don't have any mandatory fights between Jewel Eater and the class change, so you only moved the grind from after him to before basically. You also fight a boss almost right after getting the class change - I expect player to got back and get Lv19 before taking on that boss since they get their first spells from that and those help a ton. Just a warning though.
  16. you'll still gain the exp, so nothing is lost; same will happen later for lv38 bosses are generally 1-2 levels above their minions, mostly to give more exp for level rubber banding purposes. also levels will matter less as time goes on, so don't stress over that too much. (de)buffs and equip will matter much more.
  17. Those Golems are supposed to be "easy". You've just fought a hard boss and are close to the next hard boss, 3 brick walls in a row is not ok. Also, it doesn't matter who uses coins, their base damage is based on level, not stats.
  18. It certainly sounds so but regular attacks are still the majority outside of boss fights. I'd estimate about 70% are normal attacks there, so it is not entirely useless. For bosses... rule of thumb: if it is a human sized enemy evasion has a point otherwise evasion respecting moves are the minority. Does that help?
  19. Well, dodging in this game is a strange thing. If it freezes the action, it can't be dodged (every spell, Lv2+ techs, etc.), it just hits. If it is a projectile you may be able to negate it by using a well-timed Lv1 tech. If you don't, it might check four your evade. Though several projectiles are spells in disguise which auto-hit. If it is a melee attack, the sentiment with Lv1 tech still applies but that is more or less down to luck. Some melee attacks are the same as your Lv1 tech, those always hit as well if you are in range. In short, there's a ton of damage that is just unavoidable.
  20. When dieing (and not reviving via Angel Grail) you get a penalty to HP and both defenses. 0 def at that stage might be possible, not sure. The next chance you get sleep at an inn to remove that penalty and check if def becomes normal again. Just as a hint, you'll want some VIT and PIE on everyone, especially on hard difficulty.
  21. In doubt, 3 is always a good starting number. Well, yes, asm edits are always involved. The thing with X-Fight is that it is a multilayered problem actually. X-Fight itself only calls the weapons attack several times with additional flags. Certain weapons use magic damage formulas which ignore those flags, like the HP-stealing Blood Sword or most Rods. ... You know, yes, I should just remove the half damage flag from X-Fight and add a hardcoded check at the end of the damage application that checks for the ability being used to being X-Fight and then modify damage there. That'd solve so many problems at once. Also X-Fight is so slow, especially with dual wield. That makes me like 3 hits instead of 4 even more. Queue 2 dual wielding characters with X-Fight and you can make and eat breakfast before it is done.
  22. Without counting shields 1/3 of what typed needs. And 3-4 elements in the first area should cover everything needed. I can change: hit count 1-4 (5+ will crash the game if dual wielded) defense ignoring or not; vanilla had that set, my version has not anymore evade ignoring or not; vanilla used this as well 1/2, normal or double attack power (value before defense); this one has normal 1/2, normal or double damage (value after defense); this one uses 1/2 I already have a "X-Fight" clone that hits twice with half attack and double damage; so it has a much harder time against defense but at best deals double damage total compared to Fight. So the idea was to make X-Fight hit 3 times with half damage making it always 150% of Fight but either above or below the clone depending on defense.
  23. 1) Yeah I know; with certain other changes I made the normal MP system would be even more pointless: minimal encounter rate to run back and forth between inn and dungeon almost unhindered and infinite ethers say hi. 5) To be fair, the Blue Mage teaches an ability to scan for elemental weaknesses. And it just costs 10 ABP which is almost nothing compared to what you get over the entire game (2500+?). Sidenote: in this hack you'll have it from the start and it'll use no turn - afterall it only gives the solution to a visible "math" problem of what does element1 + element2 have as a weakness. 6) Just look at SD3SOM, I rarely do things in moderation >.> 4) There are several items that are one of a kind, so to an extend the same sentiment still applies. It just extends the options for classes that are usually worse off. And it is kinda required because I otherwise have not many options to give several items per element in each slot. The game can only have a max of 95 defense items, spread over shield, helm, armor and accessoires. Here now thanks to element changes also spread over 8 elements. Also availability is a problem. I can hardly have 12 defense items before the first boss just to cover the basics (3 elements per item category). I stand by my decision here. I haven't played either game but I could imagine that a straight forward step by step choice in that system would lead to a seemingly good couple wise pairing of char a1 marries a2, b1 marries b2, etc. while a more optimal setup for the whole team would have a1 marries a2, b1 marries c2, c1 marries b1 maybe because b2 is only 1% better than c2 for b1 but b2 is 80% better for c1 than c2 err what was that about again?... hmmm ... would I break any "sacred FF rule" by NOT having tiered magic? Or cutting X-Fight to 3 hits instead of 4?
  24. 1) As said somewhere above, originally I wanted to remove MP altogether. But that is kinda difficult if you have tiered spells. I mean sure, I could change it to Fire1 hits one target, Fire2 hits all with the multitarget penalty but what should Fire3 do then? Or replace tier3 entirely, that'd work too. Or scratch Fire2 AND 3, then keep Fire"1" as toggleable single/multitarget. Ok, there probably aren't that many staples in the series we're missing AND can recreate. Plus, certain classes would become overpowered just on the basis of sheer choices. A Black Mage with 18 answers per problem instead of 5 would be terrifying. And how'd you balance Fire1 against Fight AND X-Fight at the same time.. problems, problems.. And what to do with MP damage/stealing/regenating effects then. 3) This would just be a name change then. I don't think that is really necessary when magic is so freely available that you can file it under "a mage was bored between battles". 4) Overall it increases the complexity of choice together with element changes. Every item modifies elemental weakness and strength so on the open sea where water will be more present you'd rather not take fire items unless the side effects are really, really good. 5) "Many elements" is imo only a problem when ways to inflcit damage of that type barely exists. At the moment I only recall one way outside of Gaia (I exclude it because of region lock) to inflict poison (Bio) and water damage (Leviatan; Aqua Rake is non-elemental). 6) Don't give me ideas. Else I remember what the lowest difficulty was you used and then deny the final battle on difficulty 4 or easier. And on a pure difficulty 1 playthrough you get a third phase on the final boss. 7) BD had the most hilarious version honestly. By default you could turn encounters off or increase it up to almost every step. BUT! If you grind your starting class a whole lot you get "enemy lure" ability which increases the encounter rate as well. Pointless. Overall I don't have much problem with random encounters themselves.
  25. I'd give the official remake minus points for screwing with her "character" gameplay wise. In every other game she blasts enemies with her beams and pumps them full of (Super) Missiles. In this one she gains a melee attack that also functions as a counter of sorts, and is imo a tad overpowered. Dunno, it just feels wrong somehow.