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  1. Quake/Vanish fix - DONE

    ; Quake removes Clear status even when missing Floating targets fix
    ; Version 1.0
    ; by Seibaby
    ;xkas 0.06
    !freespace = $C2xxxx
    ; Spell Effect Pointer $25: Quake (Once-per-strike)
    org $C2432B
    dw groundBased
    ; Untarget Floating targets, except if all targets are Floating
    org !freespace
    reset bytes
            REP #$20          ; Set 16-bit Accumulator
            LDA $A2
            STA $EE           ; Copy targets to temporary variable
            LDX #$12
    .loop   LDA $3EF8,X       ; Current status byte 3-4
            BPL .next         ; Check next target if this one is not floating
            LDA $3018,X
            TRB $EE           ; Clear this monster from potential targets
    .next   DEX
            BPL .loop         ; Loop for all 10 targets
            LDA $EE
            BNE .save         ; Branch if any target(s) left
            LDA #$0080
            TRB $B3           ; No targets valid, so set Ignore Clear
            LDA $A2           ; Else, use original Targets
    .save   STA $B8           ; save target(s)
            JMP $57C2
    print bytes


  2. Reflect timer - DONE

    	; Disable Reflect timer and randomly remove Reflect when triggered
    ; by Seibaby (2018-12-01)
    !freespace = $C2AEA9    ; Requires 9 bytes of free space in C2
    	; The hook offset for the new code depends on whether you have Terii's
    ; Vanish/Doom patch applied or not.
    ;!hook = $C22248         ; Vanilla
    !hook = $C22256         ; Vanish/Doom patch applied
    	; Disable Reflect timer
    org $C2469B
    nothing: RTS
    	org $C246DE
          dw nothing        ; Action when setting Rflect
    	; Hook Hit Determination to call new code
    org !hook
    JMP remove_reflect      ; Make attack miss if reflecting
    	; The purpose of the following modifications are to make room for the
    ; new code. The Reflect timer is no longer used, so it's safe to remove
    ; both the code that sets the timer, and the code that checks whether it
    ; has run out. This frees up enough space for the new code.
    	; This new code replaces the code that set the Reflect timer (10 bytes)
    org $C24687
             SEP #$20       ; 8-bit A
             JSR $4B5A      ; RNG: 0..255
             CMP #$55       ; 1 in 3 chance to clear Rflect status
             JMP remove_reflect2  ; (continued...)
    	; The following code handles timers and status removal upon expiry.
    ; The code that handled the Reflect timer was removed, and the second part
    ; of the new code was inserted at the end of the function.
    org $C25AE9
    	org $C25B06
    C25B06:                 ; (Code relevant to the Reflect timer was
                            ;  removed from the start of this block)
             STA $B8
             LDA $3F0D,X    ; Time until Freeze wears off
             BEQ .sleep     ; Branch if timer not active
             DEC $3F0D,X    ; Decrement Freeze timer
             BNE .sleep
             LDA #$04
             TSB $B8        ; If Freeze timer reached 0 on this tick,
                            ; Set to remove Freeze
    .sleep   LDA $3CF9,X    ; Time until Sleep wears off
             BEQ .end       ; Branch if timer not active
             DEC $3CF9,X    ; Decrement Sleep timer
             BNE .end
             LDA #$08
             TSB $B8        ; If Sleep timer reached 0 on this tick,
                            ; Set to remove Sleep
    .end     LDA $B8
             BEQ exit       ; Exit if we haven't marked any of the
                            ; Statuses to be auto-removed
             LDA #$29
             JMP $4E91      ; Queue the status removal
    	; New code (continued)
    ; Replaces the code that handled the Reflect timer (14 bytes)
             BCS .end       ; Exit 2/3 times
             LDA $3330,Y    ; Blocked status 3
             BPL .end       ; No removal if permanent Reflect
             JSR remove_reflect3
    .end     JMP $22E5      ; Make attack miss
             NOP            ; (Padding)
    	; The space freed up by excising the Reflect timer isn't enough to
    ; handle the message boxes, so here's dipping into free space.
    org !freespace
    reset bytes
             LDA $3E10,Y    ; Status to clear 3
             ORA #$80       ; Bit 7 = Rflect
             STA $3E10,Y    ; Mark Rflect to be cleared
    print bytes," bytes added"



  3. Random encounter mod - DONE

    	;Random encounters mod for BNW
    ;v3 - re-jiggered some numbers courtesy of nowea
    ;v2 - should actually work now 
    	;Should raise the minimum number of steps for a random encounter to 10, while still maintaining the overall rate
    	!freespaceC2 = $C2FBF0
    !freespaceC0 = $C0FF90
    	; Overworld encounters
    org $C0C48C
    LDA #$E9      ; 233
    JSR longCall
    ADC #$04      ; Random 4..236
    	; Town/dungeon encounters
    org $C0C4A9
    LDA #$E9      ; 233
    JSR longCall
    ADC #$04      ; Random 4..236
    	org !freespaceC0
    JSL c2rand  ; Random 0..232
    	org !freespaceC2
    JSR $4B65


  4. ATB colors - DONE


    ; Time Magic affects the ATB bar colors
    ; By Seibaby 2018-09-23
    	; It also changes the endcaps on the ATB bar based on whether ATB is full or not.
    ; This requires two new glyphs in the 8x8 font tileset (the two tiles immediately following
    ; the ATB endcaps, left and right). The endcaps are changed so that the uncharged ones don't
    ; use colors 2 or 4, just the grey and transparency. Then the charged endcaps use colors
    ; 4 (the brightest) and optionally color 2 like the vanilla endcaps did.
    	; Palette color order
    ;       0: transparency
    ;       1: Text Drop shadow / ATB gauge outline
    ;       2: Text Grey magic dot / ATB gauge border
    ;       3: Text / ATB gauge core
    	; $2EAF01: Palette #1: $21 - White text
    ; $2EAF09: Palette #2: $25 - Grey text
    ; $2EAF11: Palette #3: $29 - Yellow text / Full ATB gauge
    ; $2EAF19: Palette #4: $2D - Blue
    ; $2EAF21: Palette #5: $31 - All black (???)
    ; $2EAF29: Palette #6: $35 - White (charging) ATB gauge
    ; $2EAF31: Palette #7: $39 - Green Morph gauge
    ; $2EAF39: Palette #8: $3D - Red Condemned gauge (unused)
    	!freespace = $EEAF01
    	; Add checks for statuses to ATB drawing routine
    org $C16872
             LDA $2021        ; ATB gauge setting
             LSR              ; Gauge enabled?
             BCC drawMaxHP    ; Branch if disabled
             LDA $3A8F        ; nATB: is ATB paused?
             LSR              ; (01 = paused)
             BCS .exit        ; Don't update bars while ATB is paused
             LDA $4E          ; Text color
             PHA              ; Save it
             LDA $18          ; Which character is it (0-3)
             TAX              ; Index it
             LDA $619E,X      ; Character's ATB gauge value
             PHA              ; Save it for later
             TXA              ; A = character 0-3
             ASL              ; Double it
             JSL newfunc
             macro newfunc()
             TAX              ; Character index (0-6)
             LDA $3EF8,X      ; Status byte 3
             BIT #$10         ; Is Stop status set?
             BEQ .slow        ; Branch if not Stopped
             LDA #$3D         ; Select palette #8           STOPPED
             BRA .store       ; Store palette
    .slow    LDA $3EF8,X      ; Status byte 3
             BIT #$04         ; Is Slow status set?
             BEQ .haste       ; Branch if not Slowed
             LDA #$2D         ; Select palette #4           SLOW
             BRA .store       ; Store palette
    .haste   LDA $3EF8,X      ; Status byte 3
             BIT #$08         ; Is Haste status set?
             BEQ .normal      ; Branch if not Hasted
             LDA #$39         ; Select palette #7           HASTE
             BRA .store       ; Store palette
    .normal  LDA #$35         ; Select palette #6           NORMAL
    .store   RTL
             STA $4E          ; Store palette
             PLA              ; Restore ATB gauge value
             JSR $6854        ; Draw the gauge
             PLA              ; Get saved text color
             STA $4E          ; Store text color
    .exit    RTS
             print "c1/6872 ends at: ", pc,", should be c16898"
    	org $C16898
    LDA #$C0                  ; Draw a "/" as HP divider
    	; Endcaps stuff
    org $C16854
    JSL newfunc2
    	macro newfunc2()
    LSR A
    AND #$FC
    LDA $04,S
    BEQ .leftfull
    LDA #$F9
    BRA .drawleftcap
    LDA #$FB
    	JSR $66F3      ; Draw opening end of ATB gauge
    LDA #$04
    STA $1A
    LDA $C168AC,X  ; Get the ATB gauge character
    JSR $66F3      ; Draw tile A
    DEC $1A        ; Decrement tiles to do
    BNE .loop      ; Branch if we haven't done 4
    JML newfunc3
    macro newfunc3()
    BEQ .rightfull
    LDA #$FA
    BRA .drawrightcap
    LDA #$FC       ; Draw tail end of ATB gauge
    JML $C166F3    ; Draw tile A
    print "c1/6854 ends at: ",pc,", should be c16872"
    ; Relocate 2bpp palettes
    org !freespace
    print "palettes written to ",pc
    incbin palettes-bnw.bin       ; Use SNESpal to edit the palettes
    print "new code written to ", pc
    	org $C140A8
    LDA palettes,X            ; Load battle text palettes white and gray
    	org $C140AF
    LDA palettes+16,X         ; Load battle text palettes yellow and cyan
    	org $C14100
    LDA palettes+40,X         ; Load battle gauge palette

  5. Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE

    ;Tank & Spank (previously Cover Knight and Smart Cover)
    ;by Seibaby
    	;v1.0 - Only allows back row targets for Stamina-based cover
    ;       Disables Cover when Dancing
    ;v0.9 - Disables Interceptor and halves Evasion when Covering
    ;v0.7 - Fixes a bug where Knight wouldn't reset Defending stance when Covering
    ;v0.6 - New Smart Cover logic
    ;       Some Cover nerfs
    ;v0.5 - Fixes an issue with Knights not taking targets' statuses into
    ;       account (Image and Clear, but also Zombie and Petrify)
    ;v0.4 - Fixes a bug causing Knights to Cover monsters attacking other
    ;       monsters
    ;v0.3 - Adds an exception to not trigger Cover if the Knight is Near Fatal
    ;       and the target is healthy.
    ;v0.2 - Fixes a bug that caused the wrong statuses (on the target) to be
    ;       considered for whether or not to disable True Knight.
    	;Changes the True Knight effect to trigger with a Stamina / 192 chance even if
    ;the target isn't in Near Fatal status.
    	;New Smart Cover patch, which disables True Knight for all attacks
    ;originating from a player character, unless that character is uncontrollable,
    ;in which case it will only disable it if the attack comes from a healing weapon,
    ;or if the weapon is elemental and the target absorbs/nullifies that element.
    ;It also considers a few extra statuses for purposes of disabling True Knight.
    ;ON TARGET: Death, Petrify, Zombie, Magitek, and Image
    ;           (in addition to Clear)
    ;ON KNIGHT: Dark, Magitek, Image, Berserk
    ;           (in addition to Death, Petrify, Clear, Zombie, Sleep, and Muddled)
    ;xkas 0.06
    	!smartCover = $C2AE31       ;Requires 99 bytes of free space
    ;!halveEvade = $C10000       ;Requires 20 bytes of free space
    ;!noDogBlock = $C20000       ;Requires 9 bytes of free space
    	;A few notes on the changes made to these functions:
    ;Entering this function, A is 16-bit and X/Y are 8-bit. Register width is
    ;never changed and the call following this function doesn't care about Carry,
    ;so I have removed a bunch of useless PHP/PLP and REP #$20 throughout, to make
    ;room for the new code.
    ;I have also removed some code related to monsters using True Knight, which was
    ;supported in vanilla, but unused (and remains so in BNW). The check for if the
    ;bodyguard was Controlled was also removed (doubly useless).
    	org $C2123A
    	;True Knight and Love Token
    org $C2123B
            LDA $B2
            BIT #$0002          ;Is "No critical and Ignore True Knight" set?
            BNE .exit           ;Exit if so
            LDA $B8             ;intended target(s).  to my knowledge, there's only
                                ;one intended target set if we call this function..
            JMP smartCover
            macro smartCover()
            print "Writing smartCover() to ",pc
            reset bytes
            BEQ .exit           ;Exit if none
            LDY #$FF    
            STY $F4             ;default to no bodyguards.
            JSR $51F9           ;Y = index of our highest intended target.
                                ;0, 2, 4, or 6 for characters.  8, 10, 12, 14, 16,
                                ;or 18 for monsters.
            STY $F8             ;save target index
            STZ $F2             ;Highest Bodyguard HP So Far = 0.  this makes the
                                ;first eligible bodyguard we check get accepted.
                                ;later ones may replace him/her if they have more
            LDX $336C,Y         ;Love Token - which target takes damage for you
            BMI .noLove         ;Branch if none do
            JSR evalKnight_skip ;consider this target as a bodyguard (skip Stamina
                                ;and Near Fatal checks)
            JSR newTarget       ;if it was valid, make it intercept the attack  
    .noLove PLX
            LDA $3A36
            BNE .exit           ;Exit if Golem is active
            CPX #$08            ;Check attacker
            BCS .status         ;Branch if attacker is a monster
            CPX $F8
            BEQ .exit           ;Exit if Attacker = Target
            LDA $3EE4,X         ;Attacker status byte 1-2
            BIT #$2002
            BNE .heals          ;Branch if Muddled or Zombied
            LDA $3394,X         ;Check if Attacker is Charmed
            BMI .exit           ;If not Muddled, Zombied, or Charmed, this
                                ;attack was initiated by the player, so exit
    .heals  LDA $11A9           ;Special weapon property
            AND #$00FF          ;Isolate bottom byte
            CMP #$0018          ;Check "Curative Attributes"
            BEQ .exit           ;Exit if set
            SEP #$20         
            LDA $11A1           ;Attack element(s)
            PLA                 ;Copy to high byte
            REP #$20
            AND $3BCC,Y         ;Target absorbed/immune elements
            BNE .exit           ;If any absorbed or nullified, exit
    .status LDA $3EE4,Y         ;Target status byte 1-2
            BIT #$04DA
            BNE .exit           ;Branch if Death, Petrify, Clear, Zombie, Magitek,
                                ;or Image
    .seize  LDA $3358,Y         ;$3359 = who is Seizing you
            BPL .exit           ;Branch if target is seized
            LDA #$000F          ;Load all characters as potential bodyguards        
            JMP trueKnightAndLoveToken_cover
    .exit   PLX
            print "smartCover: ",bytes," bytes written, ending at ",pc
    	.cover  CPY #$08
            BCC .saveBg         ;Branch if target is character
            TDC                 ;Null all potential bodyguards
    .saveBg STA $F0             ;Save potential bodyguards
            LDA $3018,Y         ;bit representing target
            ORA $3018,X         ;bit representing attacker
            TRB $F0             ;Clear attacker and target from potential
            LDX #$12
    .loop   LDA $3C57,X         ;High byte = Relic Effects 3
            ASL #2              ;Check bit 6 (True Knight)
            BCC .next           ;Branch if no True Knight effect                
            LDA $3018,X
            BIT $F0
            BEQ .next           ;Branch if this candidate isn't on the same
                                ;team as the target
            JSR evalKnight      ;consider them as candidate bodyguard.  if they're
                                ;valid and their HP is >= past valid candidates,
                                ;they become the new frontrunner.
    .next   DEX
            BPL .loop           ;Do for all characters and monsters
            LDA $F2
            BEQ .exit           ;Exit if no bodyguard found [or if the selfless
                                ;soul has 0 HP, which shouldn't be possible outside
                                ;of bugs].
            JSR newTarget       ;make chosen bodyguard -- provided there was one --
                                ;intercept attack.  if somebody's already been
                                ;slated to intercept it [i.e. due to Love Token],
                                ;the True Knight will sensibly defer to them.
    .exit   PLX
    ;Make chosen bodyguard intercept attack, provided one hasn't been marked to do
    ;so already.
            LDX $F4
            BMI .exit           ;exit if no bodyguard found
            CPY $F8
            BNE .exit           ;exit if $F8 no longer points to the original
                                ;target, which means we've already assigned a
                                ;bodyguard with this function.
            STX $F8             ;save bodyguard's index
            STY $A8             ;save intended target's index
            LSR $A8             ;.. but for the latter, use 0,1,2,etc rather
                                ;than 0,2,4,etc
            LDA $3018,X
            STA $B8             ;save bodyguard as the new target of attack
            SEP #$20
            LDA $3AA1,X
            BIT #$02
            BEQ .noDef          ;Branch if not Defending
            JSR $0A41           ;Clear Defending flag
            JSR $0A3C           ;Relax Defending pose
    .noDef  REP #$20
    .exit   RTS
    ;Consider candidate bodyguard for True Knight or Love Token
            LDA #$0020
            BIT $3AA1,X
            BNE .exit           ;Exit if guard is in back row
            LDA $3EE5,Y         ;Low byte = Status byte 2
            LSR #2              ;Check bit 1 (Near Fatal)
            BCS .skip           ;Skip Stamina check if target Near Fatal        
            LDA $3AA1,Y
            BIT #$0020
            BEQ .exit           ;Exit if target is in back row
            LDA $3EE5,X         ;Knight's Status byte 2
            LSR #2              ;Check Near Fatal
            BCS .exit           ;If Knight is Near Fatal, exit
            SEP #$20                
            LDA #$C0            ;192
            JSR $4B65           ;Random: 0 to 191
            CMP $3B40,X         ;Stamina
            REP #$20
            BCS .exit           ;Exit if Stamina was lower
    .skip                       ;Love Token enters here
            LDA $3AA0,X
            BCC .exit           ;Exit function if entity not present in battle?
            LDA $3358,X         ;$3359 = who is Seizing you
            BPL .exit           ;Exit if you're Seized
            LDA $3EE4,X
            BIT #$B4DB          ;Death, Petrify, Clear, Zombie, Sleep, Muddled,
                                ;Dark, Magitek, Image, Berserk
            BNE .exit           ;Exit if any set
            LDA $3EF8,X     
            BIT #$3211          ;Dance, Stop, Freeze, Spell Chant, Hide
            BNE .exit           ;Exit if any set
            LDA $3018,X
            TSB $A6             ;make this potential guard jump in front of the
                                ;target, can accompany others
            LDA $3BF4,X         ;HP of this potential bodyguard
            CMP $F2         
            BCC .exit           ;branch if it's not >= the highest HP of the other
                                ;bodyguards considered so far for this attack.
            STA $F2             ;if it is, save this entity's HP as the highest
                                ;HP so far.
            STX $F4             ;and this entity becomes the new bodyguard.
    .exit   RTS
    	print "Cover function end: ",pc
    print "Vanilla Cover ends: c212f4"
    	;Check for Covered attacks in Hit Determination
    ;Disable Dog Block if attack was Covered
    org $C22282
            LDA $3EF9,Y
            BPL C22293            ;Branch if not dog block
            JSR skipDogBlock
            macro skipDogBlock()
            print "Writing skipDogBlock() to ",pc
            reset bytes
            CPY $F4             ;Is target = bodyguard?
            BNE .exit           ;If not, return
            CLC                 ;Otherwise, set carry = 0, ie.
    .exit   JMP $4B53           ;Random: carry 0 or 1          
            print "skipDogBlock: ",bytes," bytes written, ending at ",pc
    ;        BCC C22293          ;50% chance
    ;        LDA #$40      
    ;        STA $FE             ;Set dog block animation flag
    org $C22293
    	;Halve Evasion if attack was Covered
    org $C22345
            JSR halveEvasion    ;Get Evade
            macro halveEvasion()
            print "Writing halveEvasion() to ",pc
            reset bytes
            halveEvasion:       ;Y = target of attack
            CPY $F4             ;Index of bodyguard ($FF if no bodyguard)
            BNE .exit           ;If not the same as target, exit
            LDA #$FF            ;255
            SBC $3B54,Y         ;255 - (255 - Evade * 2 + 1)
                                ;(= Evade * 2 - 1)
            INC                 ;Evade * 2
            LSR                 ;Evade
            LSR                 ;Evade / 2
            JMP $2861           ;New blockvalue from halved Evade
    .exit   LDA $3B54,Y         ;(255 - Evade * 2 + 1)
            print "halveEvasion: ",bytes," bytes written, ending at ",pc
    	org !smartCover
    ;org !halveEvade
    ;org !noDogBlock


  6. Mind blast mod - DONE

    	;BNW Mind Blast tweak
    !freespace = $C25141   ; free space in 1.9...I think
    	; Loop 5 times for Mind Blast
    org $C2413E
    LDY #$08
    	org $C23BB8
    LDX #$08
    	org $C23BC1
    JSR checkStam        ; Check Stamina before attempting to set status
    org !freespace
    SEP #$20
    JSR $23B2            ; Check if Stamina blocks
    REP #$20            
    BCS .exit            ; Exit if so
    JMP $3BD0            ; Randomly mark a status from attack data to be set

  7. N. Cross rebalance - DONE

    !freespace = $C2661B
    	; N. Cross (Special effect $29)
    ; One or two targets will be picked randomly
    org $C2414D
    C2414D: REP #$20       ; Set 16-bit A
    C2414F: LDA $A4        ; Targets
    C24151: PHA            ; Save targets
    C24152: JSR $522A      ; Randomly pick an entity from among the targets
    C24155: JMP morecode
    	org !freespace
            STA $A4        ; Save new target
            PLA            ; Get original targets again
            JSR $522A      ; Pick one at random
            TSB $A4        ; Save new target(s)
            SEP #$20       ; Set 8-bit A

  8. Runic ignores Clear - DONE

    	; Set Runicked attacks to Ignore Clear
    	org $C2357E
    LDA #$2182
    STA $11A3      ;Set just concern MP, not reflectable, Unblockable, Heal
    LDA #$8040
    TRB $B2        ;Flag little Runic sword animation, set Ignore Clear
    SEP #$20       ;Set 8-bit Accumulator
    LDA #$60
    STA $11A2      ;Set just ignore defense, no split damage
    TDC            ;need top half of A clear
    LDA $11A5      ;MP cost of spell
    JSR $4792      ;divide by X
    STA $11A6      ;save as Battle Power
    JSR $385E      ;Sets level, magic power to 0
    JSR $2A0F      ;(some runic patch hook?)
    LDA #$04       ; A = 4
    STA $BA        ;Don't retarget if target invalid
    DEC A          ; A = 3   

  9. MP low counter - DONE

    	; HP/MP low counter redesign
    ; By Seibaby
    	; FC command $06 (HP low counter) normally checks HP versus <parameter> * 128 while
    ; FC command $07 (MP low counter) checks MP versus <param> only. This makes it so that
    ; MP is compared to <param> * 128 as well.
    	; FC command $06 (HP low counter)
    org $C21D61
    dw mpLowCounter
    ; FC command $07 (MP low counter)
    org $C21D63
    dw mpLowCounter
    	org $C21BB7
            JSR $1D34
            BCC .exit
            LDA $3A2F
            REP #$20
    	        CPX #$0E     ; is it command $07 - MP low counter?
            BCC .hp     ; branch if it's not (ie. it's $06 - HP low counter)
            CMP $3C08,Y ; MP
            BRA .exit
    .hp        CMP $3BF4,Y ; HP
    .exit    RTS
            padbyte $FF : pad $C21BD6
            warnpc $C21BD7

  10. Melee Counter - DONE


    	; New parameters for FC 05 - Melee counter and MP damage counter
    	; AI Script commands:
    ; FC 05 00 00 = counterattack all damage, as usual
    ; FC 05 00 01 = counterattack ONLY damage that's both physical and row-respecting
    ; FC 05 00 02 = counterattack ONLY MP damage
    !freespace = $C23C61        ; Requires 5 bytes of free space in C2
    !freespacelong = $C3F577    ; Requires 66 bytes of free space anywhere
    	; Preparation:
    ; Hook functon C2/35E3 (Initialize several variables for counterattack purposes)
    org $C235E9
          JSL initAttackVars  ; (initialize new var $327D,index containing bitflags for
                              ;  physical damage, respects row, and MP damage in bit 0,
                              ;  bit 5, and bit 7 respectively)
          macro initAttackVars()
          TXA                            ; (displaced code)
          STA $3290,Y              ; (displaced code)
          LDA $B3                  ; If Bit 5 is set it ignores attacker row
          EOR #$FF                 ; Invert it so bit 5 is set if melee
          LSR                      ; Shift it to bit 4
          ORA $11A7                ; Merge with bit 4 of $11A7 ("respects row")
          AND #$10                  ; Isolate bit 4 (1 = respects row)
          LDA $11A2                  ; Bit 0 = physical damage if set
          LSR                   ; Carry = 1 if physical damage
          ROL                   ; Bit 1 = physical
                              ; Bit 5 = melee
          ASL                   ; Shift again
          LDA $11A3        
          ROL                            ; Carry = 1 if affects MP
          ROR                            ; A: bit 1 = physical damage
                            ;    bit 5 = melee attack
                            ;    bit 7 = affects MP    
                            ; (all other bits are 0)
          STA $327D,Y                ; Save attack properties to unused var $327D,index
    .exit    RTL
    ; Execution:
    ; FC command $05 (Counter if damaged)
    org $C21C70
    doCounter:                    ; (vanilla FC 05 code)
    	; Redirect pointer for FC command $05 to new code
    org $C21D5F
          dw checkParams
    	org !freespace
          JML checkParamsLong
          macro checkParamsLong()
          LDA $3A2F            ; Script command byte 4
          LSR                    ; Check if it's 1 (melee counter)
          BCS .melee        
          LSR                    ; Check if it's 2 (MP damage counter)
          BCC .omni            ; If not set, it's a normal counter
          LDA $327D,Y        
          CMP #$80            ; Check if attack affects MP
          BNE .exit            ; Exit if not
          BRA .omni            ; Counter if attack affects MP
    .melee    LDA $327D,Y            ; Attack properties
          CMP #$21            ; Check respect row, physical
          BNE .exit            ; Exit if not both are set
    .omni    JML doCounter
    .exit    JML noCounter
    org !freespacelong
    reset bytes
    print "New code requires ",bytes," bytes of free space anywhere"

  11. This thread is for the devs. There are a lot of assembly patches going into 1.10.0, let's collect them all in one place.





    New status screen - WIP
    Encounter Rate - DONE
    Reflect Timer - DONE
    Melee Counter - DONE
    MP low counter - DONE
    Runic ignores Clear - DONE
    N. Cross rebalance - DONE
    Mind blast mod - DONE
    Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE
    ATB colors - DONE
    Quake/Vanish Fix - DONE

    Status Display Update - WIP
    Doomstick Bugfix - WIP
    ??? Update - WIP

    Relics Block Stop - DONE
    Shop Preview - DONE
    Spell Dot Display - DONE

    Weapon Swap in Combat - WIP/TENTATIVE
    Max HP/ATB toggle - DONE
    Inventory Index Fix - DONE

    Defend/Row 1/2 Turn - WIP
    Row Targeting Preference - ABANDONED
    EsperXP Display Bugfix - WIP
    Elemental Mixing - DONE

    Mind Blast Speed Hack - ???
    SrBehemoth OpCode Update - DONE
    Aero Speed Hack - DONE

    @Gi Nattak
    Booty Fix - DONE

    Just clarifying:  this isn’t a discussion thread so any non dev post stuff will be purged. - Mish


  12. We're testing some new Mind Blast behavior; if you have the time please ensure this works properly.

    Intended behavior is that Mind Blast will set up to five statuses distributed randomly among any living party members, with each infliction having a Stam% chance to land.

    This shit is hard to test due to randomness, so I suggest to grab FF3usME or a save editor to ease testing.

    Patch is for non-headered Brave New World 1.9.


  13. Disabling the auto-fight mechanic in the Colosseum and making monsters run their scripts is easy. Making one-to-one fights interesting is a lot harder. Unless BTB can come up with a set of scripts that are good both for Colosseum fights and normal encounters without using up too much space, it would require expansion.


  14. On 8/1/2018 at 5:27 AM, BTB said:

    I'll let @seibaby explain it

    Short answer: it should raise the minimum amount of steps between random encounters while at the same time reducing the maximum number of steps. On paper, it should maintain the current average encounter rate, but in testing we noticed a decreased overall encounter rate.

    Long answer: the encounter system works on a threat counter; each step increases the probability that a random encounter will happen on that step. Different areas in the game add different amounts to this threat counter, and each step a random number is generated and compared to the counter. If the counter is greater than the random number, an encounter happens. The patch increases the lower bound and decreases the upper bound of the random number.

    Note that there was a bug in Think's RNG patch that may have affected the random encounter rate on the overworld. I bundled a fix for this in my patch, but no testing has been done to see the effects on the overworld encounter rate yet.


  15. No idea, since I don't use a mac or asar. If the table file is correct and correctly named as specified in the asm file, all I can think of is weird file permissions, or Mac xkas expecting a mac formatted text file as a table or something. Did you open the tbl file in an editor and save it?


  16. The idea of treating multi element attacks as several mini single elemental attacks and summing the result was discussed earlier, due to the fact that such a patch already exists. This simpler approach was deliberately requested, I assume for its simplicity.
    The Separation of Powers patch also consumes a fair chunk of free space; Think's patch is more frugal.