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  1. Get the rom, get an ips patcher, patch the hack into the rom and there ya go. There's tutorials on youtube that can help you with that.
  2. Make a savestate just before you're about to kill the tonberry then kill it, if it doesn't drop the item during the reward screen then go back to the state you saved and do it again until you get the doll. This doesn't work for items like gambler spirit, healing spring, twin stars, dark matter, golden flower, and twilight flower though as these items have a chance to be given once you leave the battle screen entirely.
  3. So are we ever going to get to play that v9 "beta" you got to test out Doomsday? I mean Dk's prolly dealing with life atm so no one really knows when or if the full v9 will ever be released. Best I got is the alpha that was originally posted on insane difficulty.
  4. Any rules? Well besides cheating that is.
  5. Not sure what super bosses would rank from easiest to hardest but anti guys come to mind, been awhile since I played smrpga partly cuz I've played it so much I needed a break while we wait for finished v9, and the terraria calamity mod which is equally difficult, probably even more so.
  6. Think it's possible to speed run with some super bosses added in?
  7. Go to the current version of smrpga on this site and scroll down, you'll see something called see changelog, click that and you'll see previous versions of the hack.
  8. You can't take back level stats+ once you set them in v8 unfortunately so you're kinda screwed there. The final fantasy random encounters give a lot of gold coins upon defeat so you could try farming them for coins. The beetle minigame that you can replay at booster hill (the place where you did the barrel jumping minigame) gives ten galaxy coins if you can catch a golden beetle but besides that and finding stray g.coins around I just buy em from luma. I don't think defeating a super boss a second time gives the unique item it drops twice because I beat rydia twice yet she didn't give me a 2nd rainbow robe (not sure if this is the case for all of them though). The most common way that people find latios and latias is to go to the end of rose way, encounter the amayzee daisy hidden monster and to keep running from it until the two pokemons show up each, you don't have to beat the monster and their encounter mechanic is the same as celebi's just not as high. Super speed helps a lot there but be wary cuz they will get first strike once you encounter them.
  9. Yes ultima breaks the 9999 damage barrier tho it doesn't actually show it in v8. Mallow's dark star, and geno's meteor can do it too I believe. Mallow is my choice for early grinding cuz darkstar only cost 18 fp to use.
  10. That's what I was wondering too lol.
  11. Or lazy shell lol tho I'd be careful with lazy shell. I only use it to make it so the pokemon attacks not randomly do 9999 damage.
  12. Ten's the max amount of uses it has.
  13. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are all in different spots throughout the world map, one being in the place you meet Mallow's tadpole grandfather all the way at the bottom right leading to the next room, one in the first place you fought croco and the other I can't remember but it's not too hard to find. Once you find them all you have to go to areas with dark pink rooms that seemingly have nothing in it to fight can catch them. Palkia, dialga, giratina, and arceus are all in the nimbus area. Latios and Latias can be encountered after you find kyogre, groudon and rayquaza and have a chance to find either one of them everytime you encounter a hidden monster. Best way to find latios and latias is to keep encountering amayzee dayzee's at the end of roseway and running from the flower until the pokemon shows up.
  14. Cool.