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Brave New World 2.0 - Beta Thread

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So being a while I haven't update but here we go.

Mount Zozo (Team : Phantom Shadow, Speed/Mag Relm, Stam Gau, Stam Strago) :
-Admitaddly not an awesome team has all 4 are quite fragile, but it did somewhat works.
-Relm's Fire is good at cleaning these bears, she also has good healing, Shadow Kazekiri Proc are strong enough t be useful, Strago can apply Statut effect with Bad Breath and Gau can do all sort of thing ^^.
-Didn't fight Purple-D directly and save him for later tough, as I feared the team might be to underlevel for him.

Narshe up to Tritoch (Team : Vig Cyan, Phantom Shadow, Speed/Mag Relm and I forgot who was the fourth character ^^")
-Nastidon and Werewolf are easily cleaned with Relm's Fire 2, and can be Muddle by Cyan's Flurry. The Reaper isn't to threatning either.
-Inside the cave, Relm can Sketch Warlock for Dark which one-shot them, hot Wheels and Low Rider can be annoying due to Tired hitting quite hard and Exhausted but they are less dangerous than they were in 1.9 where they could cast Fire 3 and Ice 3. Never encounter an Io.
-Tritoch is basically a free fight, Relm can sketch for free Fire 3 (which he is weak to), Shadow can just spam Fire Scroll and Cyan stay on support since Tritoch has a very high physical defense.

Gogo's Cave (Magic Mog, Stam Sabin, Vig Cyan and Magic Relm) :
-Zone Eater isn't to bad with good use of buff, altough they sure take their time using Engulf.
-Most dangerous formation in 2 Tapdancer and 1 Shinobi especially if they open with MT Fire 3 and Ninja Wave, but getting Sage Stone with Mog make the encounter a lot easier as Mog can just Mute the 2 Dancers.
-Nothing noticeable for the other encounter.

Phenix Cave (team 1 : Hyb Celes, Vig Edgar, Magic Mog and Vig Cyan; Team 2 : Vig Terra, Stam Strago, Stam Sabin and Gogo.)
-Mob fight in Phenix Cave aren't to bad, just don't let these Anemone cast Discharge, also Weedula inflicting Zombie are annoying.
-As for Red-D I fought him with Team 1, I struggle a lot but this is completly my fault, forgot S.Cross was now impossible to dodge which is what I was relying in previous playthrough, as such I was poorly prepared with only Flameguard as Fire Protection, still beat him nonetheless but these mistakes make the fight considerably harder.

Umaro's Cave (team use : Stam Locke, Gogo, Spd/Mag Relm, Mag Mog)
-Mob fight are easy, expect the bird that can cast Aero can be dangerous if we don't have Wind Protection, the biggest issue here is managing Relm MP as no monster in this cave has MP, quite annoying.
-As for Umaro, Image is REALLY important for this fight so I used Gogo with Throw and Mog with Desert Aria to hopefully get it on everyone fast, then it's Locke attacking with Flametongue, Gogo with Fire Scroll and Relm with Fire 2.

Cyan's nightmare (team use : Stam Locke, Magic Setzer and Gogo) :
-Don't have much to say about the Random at this point, they are manageable with good use of offensive option and statut effects.
-Now for the Magus Brother (I like to call them like that ^^), I'm happy that I have take Locke for this fight cause they have some good loot to steal especially the Lazy Armor, otherwise they aren't hard, once I stole Gogo attack with Hornet's Rage (3x attack) with Punisher equipped (Punisher's Proc with 3x Rage are insane here XD), Setzer alternate between Blakjack and healing and Locke attack with Atma Weapon eventually the one that fly will die battle is given at this point.

-Wrexsoul : this one went really REALLY poorly, ended up in the longest fight of the game, but this is completly completly my fault for the following reasons :
Reason 1 : I didn't know you could kill the Soulblazers to end the fight.
Reason 2 : I thought he would be weak to Fire like in 1.9 but I was wrong he was weak to water which screwed up my entire plan.
Reason 3 : I didn't have Rasp, apparently Rasp makes him stay on the screen longuer, had I knew that this fight would have gone way better.
So yeah I'm not gonna talk about this boss cause basically all my trouble come from me screwing up so entirely not the mod's fault ^^".

At this point I respec Celes for a pure HP Build with Crusader.

Purple-D (team use : Stam Locke, Gogo, Magic Setzer and I don't remember the fourth character) : In my opinion the easiest Dragon, Wind protection are easily available making his attacks are not really dangerous, Gogo can just Rod Rage with Thunder Rod for over 5000 per proc, Locke deals good damage with Elec Sword and Setzer is still on the support a really easy Dragon here.

Brown-D (team use : Vig Cyan, Stam Sabin, Stam Gau and Magic Mog) : The biggest threat here is Meteor, outside of that most of his attack can be avoided with Float, I used Mog in Snowman Jazz for potential Image thank to Mirage and Ice Rabbit but also for over 5000 damage Surge, Cyan attack with Tempest, Gau just stay on support and Sabin is on support with some Pummel to set Sap and Aurabolt when he can.

Silver-D : Is almost free cause I had 2 Iceguards and Snow Muffler with Gau, so Yeah he doesn't have really strong attack outside of Ice attacks he really isn't much of threat.

Ancient Castle (Team use : Vig Edgar, Stam Strago, Phantom Shadow and Vig Terra) :
-Master Tomberry is easily killed with Fire Scroll spam, Jumping with Fire Lance, Vig Terra with Flametongue and Strago use Blaze.
-For the mob fight of the cave watch out for Tsunami and Shrapnel they really hurts thankfully the mobs aren't to resistant.
-In the castle mobs seems easier than better especially the ones that could cast X-Zone no longuer seems to cast it, so that a big annoyance less for me.
-Katanasoul is easy outside of Slayer and GP Toss toward the end of the fight which can be problematic.
-Blue-D wasn't to bad I had some trouble set things cause Shadow was keep dying due to having no Water resistance (while Edgar and Terra had Gold set and Strago had Gator Hide), once set however a Berserked Shadow with Orochi + Kagenui is deadly to him as is edgar's Jump.

Fanatic Tower (Team : Crusader Celes, Mag/Spd Relm, Stam Strago and Magic Mog) :
-Earlier mob fight seems the same as in 1.9, later Mobs feels less annoying (especially LV9 Mage who were absorbing all element but Holy in 1.9 and Flare who was hitting like a truck in 1.9 is more reasonable now).
-White-D has some nasty move having both Flare and Holy as well as Meteor and being able to heal himself with Holy Wind (as well as speeding himself up) but Shell, Reflect and Runic are all good tools for that as for Damage Strago with X-Dark and Mog by Jumping with Punisher are the best option here.
-Magimaster is well pretty much the same as before, except now he throws Elixir when we Scan him so we have to wait for him to attack to guess his weakness, which I think is actually good other than, the fight is entirely dependant of what element he picks, but overall he doesn't hit to hard so at least staying alive isn't to hard.

-Kaiser : OK let me get this straight, I didn't understand how this fight works, apparently you're suppose to be able to avoid Ultima except in my case it never worked, even by understanding that hitting him with Element change his moveset and delay Ultima, and doing what I was told to do on Discord it never worked I was always getting wiped by Ultima, so at the end I just decided to screwed that gimmick and brute force him, I respec Locke, Terra and Cyan to get Phenix Cyan, Stam Terra and Stam Cyan with Crusader Celes all 3 are able to tank Ultima, so then I just brute force him. I don't know if his gimmick is just confusing as fuck or if I was doing something wrong but YEAH. (I respec Cyan, locke and Terra again aterward).

As for Warring Triad :

-Myria : Was the hardest for me he hits quite hard, has Overcast to inflict who is a pain in the ass, has Flare Star and Mind Blast, overall a tough but fun fight for me which I enjoy.
-Asura : The easiest, the only attack that prevent this boss from being a pushover is freaking Meteo if it wasn't for Meteo hitting quite hard Asura would no doubt be the easiest boss of Kefka's Tower as all of his other attacks pose no threat at all.
-Isis : This one is more of a war of attrition than anything due to having to deal with her Love Token and Charm gimmick it can be a long fight, she doesn't hit to hard outside of Holy so the only thing is really being able to deal with her before the fight get to dangerous.

And finally for the final battle :

My team : Phantom Shadow, Crusader Celes, Magic Setzer (with some Seraph) and Stam Strago

For every tier : I start buff with Regen X, Haste X, Shield and Shell.

Tier 1 : I just Focus on the one that use Meteo (Short Arm until it get fix), with Strago casting X-Dark on it, Celes attacking with Illumina and Shadow with Mutsonokami's Proc (they hit really hard), once Meteo is out of the way it bacame way more manageable, I then kill Long Arm cause Avalanche as death hit quite hard, then finish with Face which Quake is on no consequence due to Float.

Tier 2 : No time buffing Shadow attack Tiger or Tools (they are the one that can explode), Strago spam Black Omen and Setzer spam Blackjack while Celes heals with (also Celes was fucking MVP here if she hadn't cover Shadow like 4 time in a row when Hit died Shadow would have died and I woul probably have it an Exploder in the face), this Tier is just a matter of killing it as fast as possible.

Tier 3 : Girl is top priority, she absorbs Wind so Mutso's Proc are useless but no worries Ninja Star are here for hitting her with 6600 damage, Strago X-Dark for over 10k damage, Setzer's Blackjack and Celes stay on support, once Girl is down this tier is easy, didn't saw Merton this time, Quasar can hit hard but I have the time to heal).

God Kefka : Just full buff at the beginning, then Celes stays in Runic most of the time to counter his spells, I make perfectly sure to be at full health and that he just act so that I can be sure that I won't hit a Goner as a counter followed by an AoE, also only attack 1 by 1 to avoid 2 potential Goners. I just take him down slowly but safely and I got him first try.


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